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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2017-09-16T02:58:00Z

Updates to-date


Michael will be coming home on Sunday morning! He will continue physical, occupational, and speech therapy at home as he continues to recover. Thank you all for the love and support!


Michael is improving every day and getting stronger at rehab. So much so that he has a 4-hour pass tomorrow from the facility. Come see him before 11am or after 4pm tomorrow if you are planning a visit.


Michael is settled into Warm Springs Rehab Center in Kyle (Room 257). He has a monster headache, is dizzy and tired, but happy to be out of the hospital. Starting tomorrow, he'd love some visitors. He'll be busy with therapy (speech, physical, and occupational) much of the day but has lunch at noon and dinner at 5pm. Visiting hours are from 9am-8pm and you'll need to sign-in at the front desk.


Michael is stronger again today. Neurology is the last unit that needs to clear him to leave the hospital and head to rehab. That will likely happen on Friday after another test or two to determine the best course of sustained treatment.

He will be relocating to Warm Springs in Kyle. Nice facility, big room with a private bathroom, friendly staff that was knowledgeable and organized, and even the dogs can visit him there. ☺

Thank you for your continued support and love.


Michael came out ahead again yesterday.

He has graduated to the neurology ward from ICU. He is in room 638 at Seton on 38th and will be allowed visitors starting today in moderation. He is physically weak, has had a bit of a backslide on his left side, and problems with his ankles. He'd love to have folks visit. Just not too many at a time. If he is looking tired, don't be offended if I shoo you out.

The kids got to come visit for the first time after he moved to his new room. It was good for their peace of mind and spirits.

The TEE test went well. Results show no clots, holes, or tears in his heart. His sensory detection was really good today. Not perfect but really good.

He'll probably move to rehab by the end of the week.

We appreciate all of the love and support.


Michael had a good day. When I walked in the door this morning, he asked if I was there “to spring him.”

He is still in ICU tonight and had a full day of nurses, doctors, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist. He is making progress. Two steps forward, one step back but progress nonetheless. His biggest triumph today was taking 10 steps with a walker into the hall, making a U-turn, and walking the 10 steps back.

Thank you for all of the support and love. We are exceptionally grateful and lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing community of friends and family.


Michael had a stroke on Thursday morning. The doctors were able to do a thrombectomy (catheter intervention that removed 80% of the blood clot behind his right eye) that has returned blood flow to that side of his brain and showed improvement to his left side arm and leg. His speech and memory are mainly intact but not perfect. He was stronger today than yesterday.

We'll be in ICU for at least one more night, the hospital for one week (minimum), and then Michael will go to rehab. Our nurses and doctors have been amazing and kind. We're not quite ready for visitors yet but will let you know when it is okay to come up.

Thank you for all of those who have helped us down the road to this point. Michael, kids, and animals are covered for the next few days.

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