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Thursday June 8, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that my mom has an appointment at Sloan Kettering next Friday 6/16/17. She is going to the new facility which opened right here in Middletown. She and my dad needed to stop there today to drop off the slides from her biopsy and all of the images from her tests that she has had. They were so impressed with the place and the people that worked there- beautifully decorated and laid out, professional and kind staff, and well organized.

We also went to see the radiation oncologist yesterday (he's adorable and I think I love him-sorry not sorry Mike) and my mom is going to begin radiation therapy tomorrow. The radiation is more to provide pain relief than anything else. She will have therapy for two weeks straight on weekdays for about 15-20 minute intervals. There really aren't too many side effects- maybe some skin irritation and fatigue at the end but that's it. It should help the discomfort she has in that arm. We checked with the oncologist from Sloan and she had no objection to starting radiation prior to seeing mom. It is not a systemic treatment so will not have any bearing on the treatment they recommend.

That's really all I have to share. Mom is doing pretty good- still tires easily but that just means she sits for a little while more frequently. Her blood pressure is running low which makes her a little dizzy so she needs to be careful when she stands. The cardiologist has no intention of changing her meds around. She has not had an episode of heart failure in a while and her heart function needs to be preserved. It is preserved through the cardiac meds she is on and he is NOT changing them. I'm ok with that! My mom thinks we are crazy but she will just have to get used to standing slowly.

I'll keep you all posted on the radiation treatments as they get underway and will also let you know what the doc from Sloan says. Have a great night everyone!!

xoxo- steph

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