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Posted 2015-04-30T07:13:00Z

Property Price Rise on Ajmer Road

The recent change in the property rise on the Ajmer Road is all because of the recent improvement in the connectivity Ajmer Road. Because of the improvement in the national highway, the demand of the property is showing a high rise and thus showing an upward movement in the property price at this location.

Places showing high rise on Ajmer Road
With the places like Mukundpura, and other nearby locations, seeing the rapid rise in the property price, the places are indeed claiming the high appreciation because of the recent improvements on this road.

What is generating interest on the Road?
With the High Developmental plans like Ring Road already been proposed, Mahindra SEZ already in the process and with the launch of several government plans in the form of Residential flats in Jaipur and other such clustered Residential living options nearby, the Ajmer Road is in high demand. With these places located in the close proximity of all facilities needed, the demand is sure to rise. Many Builders in Jaipur are coming up with several Residential plans at the Ajmer Road, which is improving the residential aspects of the place drastically. 

Several Residential Schemes at the location
With the launch of several Residential Schemes and with several ongoing ones at the Ajmer Road, this place is already a hotspot for builders and developers in Jaipur. With the projects like Uma Aangan by Wish Empire and other such, the Ajmer Expressway is already attracting attention of media and common people.
Thus, as the property and land prices are on the rise at Ajmer Expressway, the Road is destined to reach at apex within 2 to 3 years. It’s going to reach the summit of Property price and will show immense love for the new destination of peaceful living.

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