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Posted 2017-01-18T00:20:39Z

Albemarle Health & Rehabilitiation Center

Woods is finally out of the hospital, and is now at Albemarle Health and Rehabilitation Center in ROOM #307.  He has a private room and will be going through physical therapy and gaining strength.  When I left him, they were just serving dinner which is done in a dining room where everyone together.  Salisbury Steak, Greens, Mac and Cheese and more![...]

Posted 2017-01-16T23:53:40Z

Monday, January 16th 6 PM

Woody is now off oxygen, things are improving.  He will probably be moving the Albemarle Health and Rehab, 1540 Founders Place here in Charlottesville tomorrow or Wednesday.  Albemarle Health is a new facility that just opened and will be the best for regaining his strength through therapy.  Not sure the time frame on how long will be there at this point.  Albemarle Health is located off Avon Street extended next to Paul Cale High School.  You would take Mill Creek Drive towards Route 20 and turn like going to Monticello Fire Department and it is right there.[...]

Posted 2017-01-16T14:08:59Z

Monday, January 16th

Woody continues to improve.  He was moved down Saturday from ICU to a standard room #1019.  His pneumonia has improved greatly as with heart issues that were probably pneumonia related.  He is now breathing easier with less assistance on oxygen and with assistance up in chair for a few hours a day.  He is now back on regular food (if you consider hospital food regular) after days of nothing to light soup and jello. [...]

Posted 2017-01-12T00:41:49Z

Wednesday January 11th

Much Improvement overnight.  Has oxygen assist trying to reduce to strengthen and eliminate dependence on oxygen. Alert and has limited memory of what has happened over past several days.  He has had several visitors which has lifted spirits and seems to be getting back to himself again.  As of mid day, had not been able to eat until doctor gives ok, which may have happened this afternoon late.  So, things appear to be under control and the road to recovery.  Thanks to everyone for thoughts and good wishes for him as it certainly helped I am sure.[...]

Posted 2017-01-10T21:32:36Z

HWG January 10th

Some encouraging news today.  Around noon the tubes were removed from Woody's lungs and he was brought out of his sleep.  He stats have been good and the relief from removing fluid from lungs, maybe some medicated sleep and the antibiotics seem to have helped as well.  He appears to be coming around and the nurse said he was "Fairly Good" and optimistic. [...]

Posted 2017-01-09T23:29:32Z

Monday Evening January 9th

Quick follow up.  First off, from previous message said removed about 1 Litre of fluid.  (As much liquid as a standard Absolute Vodka Bottle, or since Woody likes Campari--- that size :)  Greg heard that wrong, was about a 1/2 litre, which was still a lot.  This alone will allow him to breathe considerably better and with less effort.[...]

Posted 2017-01-09T17:06:43Z

Monday, January 9th 12:00

Last evening Woody had difficulty coughing due to possible thick congestion could not complete, this morning the same situation arose and required sedated him, and putting a tube down his throat to contain and remove the congestion for examination, and to aid his breathing as could not catch breath.  He is currently resting and will remain "out" for a unknown time. They are also removed a little over a liter of fluid which will make breathing easier. [...]

Posted 2017-01-08T19:21:40Z

Sunday afternoon and Sun is out

Today Woods has  shown slight improvement over yesterday which was a VERY DIFFICULT day.  Dr OReilly feels that there is a very small improvement in pneumonia, and a bit more alert, and back eating today.  He is still very week, but has wanted to call a few people here and there, as not as loopy as before.  I think having family around helps even if they are just in the room.[...]

Posted 2017-01-07T20:09:21Z

Dec 29th to today

Woody went to Martha Jefferson Hospital on Thursday the 29th with bleeding while urinating and pain in stomach area.  It was determined that he had bladder stones that were causing the issue and a overnight stay would be needed.  The next day they found that he had pneumonia and was causing breathing issues and fast heartbeat and low oxygen levels. [...]

Posted 2017-01-07T03:46:52Z

Update from Chris - 1/6/2017 at 1:56pm

I met with Dr Laza and another doctor that is a Lung specialist( forgot his name). Dr Laza was the doctor that met him in the room the first night. He was surprised the way things have progressed and feels they need to take a different approach as what they have have been doing is not working as it should. He said that he is working with 3 doctors now on Woody (heart, lung and infection) to "Regroup" as said. The bladder issue for now, is corrected, as that what brought to the hospital. Although he is alert and knows what is going on as far as dates, names things of interest, he appears someone delirious. The lung doctor said probably combination of all that has been hit at him medication, and what is called "Hospital Dellierium" < typo.[...]