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Posted 2017-01-16T14:08:59Z

Monday, January 16th

Woody continues to improve.  He was moved down Saturday from ICU to a standard room #1019.  His pneumonia has improved greatly as with heart issues that were probably pneumonia related.  He is now breathing easier with less assistance on oxygen and with assistance up in chair for a few hours a day.  He is now back on regular food (if you consider hospital food regular) after days of nothing to light soup and jello. 

We are anticipating a move to an assisted living in the next few days.  This will give him the ability to, continue light medical treatment, physical therapy for gaining his strength and weight back.  Not sure where yet and will keep you posted on that.

Thanks again, (can never say enough) for everyone's support over the last almost 3 weeks.  Your visits and thoughts have been wonderful.

Will you keep you up to date over next few days.  Regards, Chris G

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Comments (4)

  • Jim & Glenna Mongelluzzo
    Jim & Glenna Mongelluzzo

    Woods and Team Woods, we are thinking of you daily and encouraged by the forward direction of your path ....keep walking. We are with you on this walk. Love, Jim and Glenna

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Letty Ann Macdonald
    Letty Ann Macdonald

    Hi Woody, You are doing well by moving out of the ICU. Congrats. I won't be able to visit you today as planned, but I will track you down tomorrow when I am in town. Mac and I are so happy about your phenomenal progress. We continue to be in your cheering section.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Kevin Levey
    Kevin Levey

    Glad to hear you are improving!!!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Byrd Abbott
    Byrd Abbott

    Woody I am so glad to hear the great news regarding your recovery. Certainly some real food will help you gain strength. I'm thinking about you everyday. Sending you love and strength. Byrd

    3 years ago · Reply