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Rescue support for horses found in Trinities

DO YOU RECOGNIZE THESE HORSES? We believe these horses could have been lost during the Mendocino complex fire, and have been wandering ever since. An amazing man hiked with these horses in the horrific weather this Sunday (1/21/19) to get them to an old Forest Service corral. I will be picking them up and trailering them to a pasture to be vet-checked, grazed and rehabilitated. I cannot do this alone! I need your help! It’s heart breaking to see horses in this condition and any support you can provide is appreciated, including items such as grain, blankets or hay – please let me know! Monetary donations and items are all appreciated!!! These horses were seen out in the middle of the Yolla Bolly Wilderness, then were found 2 months later in the same forested area. They are skin and bones! I hope that the owners are out there somewhere! Please share this like crazy, as these horses are going to need a lot of forage, care, and effort to restore to good health.