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Posted 2019-05-04T07:16:00Z

The new journey that led us to becoming Lost Soles Horse Rescue

Thelma and Louise had such an effect on our hearts that it made us realize that there are many more horses out there that need our help! But they were the bread crumbs that lead us to this path and we are so happy that they did. Getting to know these two mares and watching Thelma transform from the skeleton of a horse she was into the beautiful shinny penny that she is now just makes every penny spent, every early morning and late night that much more worth us doing this. So we deiced to apply for our own non-profit rescue so we can help more horses in need like Thelma. We are proud to say that we were granted it and our name is Lost Soles Horse Rescue! We are so excited and on top of that we had someone come through and donate the land we are going to use to rescue more lives. Our dreams have actually come true and we are ready to take on more horses! please spread the word near and far! Follow us on instagram #Lost_soles_horse_rescue_ , look us up on our Facebook page @lostsoleshorserescue i also just posted a video on there where you can watch Thelma's progress, send us a message, let us know what you think of us! Share with your friends, we need your help getting the word out so we can help more horses in need and we can find more individuals willing to donate to our cause. We can not do this without you! You are how we were able to do this in the first place, and we had so much success that we ran with it! We are so grateful for every single person that has helped us get here today! lets get the word out![...]

Posted 2019-05-04T06:59:14Z

Update on Thelma's Progress

Thelma has made an amazing transition from when we got her. It is hard to believe that she is even the same frail emaciated horse we rescued not so long ago. She has so much spunk, and is feeling so good in her new coat that is growing in beautifully and shining with a bright glistening luster. She is truly a beautiful girl, how anyone could leave her in the state that we found her in is just beyond me to even think about. Thelma has had all of her vaccinations, health checks, farrier care, and has been moved to our new pasture for our now official horse rescue in central point Oregon. We had an equine dentist come out and see her and she believes her to be between 18-20 years old. Unfortunately Thelma's liver values are very high, and at this age we just have to see if they go back down or not. Until another month goes by and we get her liver values checked again, fingers crossed! She is going to live out the rest of her days here among 4 other horses. She is so happy here with her new friends it just makes my heart melt to see her feeling so good and enjoying her new home. We still need donations to help with prior bills we have endured and for future veterinary care as this old girl will sure need to be watched carefully. Every penny goes to Thelma's needs. Guaranteed! And now that we have our 503c1 status every donation you give is tax deductible. Oh and please share with your friends! Help us spread the word![...]