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Posted 2019-01-31T20:57:52Z

Sweet Lousie

For starters I want to apologize for not updating this page sooner, we have had a rough start and i will try to do better at posting updates in the future.

I am beyond saddened to inform you all that even through our efforts of getting to these horses as soon as we possibly could, and arriving there to see how sick Lousie was. We Rushed her 5 + hours out of the wilderness in order to get her to an emergency vet visit the night that we picked up the horses, and then the following morning she needed an emergency house call, poor Louise sadly did not make it into Friday Morning. It just kills me to know that this animal fought so intensely for her life all this time, and she finally found someone to recuse her, give her the proper care, a full belly, a warm place to sleep,  and then the poor girl finally got some comfort, laid down and went to sleep and didnt wake back up. My heart aches from loosing her, but to know she went so peacefully makes it all worth her struggles in the end. 

On the bright side Thelma is gaining weight and is doing wonderful on her road to recovery.  We could still use your help for supporting this girls feed and additional vet bills we have to encored from Lousie and in the future visits for Thelma. We also need your help sharing this to everyone you know so we can get more funding and hopefully find Thelma's owner. 

RIP Lousie we loved you for the time we had you, and while you were with us and to know that pain & suffering is now over is comforting. You will be missed sweet Louise!

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