Words To Live By

“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”

- Winston Churchill

The Story of PostHope

PostHope provides users the tools to create user-friendly, ad free, customizable websites to receive donations, post status updates, photos, and any other relevant information, while also allowing them to share updates through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social platforms. This forum saves users time and energy and effort, while keeping loved ones informed. In turn, friends and family can send encouraging messages and prayers directly to the website, where the user can receive much needed encouragement and hope…and is able to access them all in one convenient location.

The idea of PostHope began in early 2007 when the founder‘s brother, Caleb, had a life altering and horrific motorcycle accident. Caleb's injuries were so extremely severe; they came close to costing him his life. Family, friends and those who’d heard about Caleb's accident reached out with hope prayers and compassion. People in the community, friends, family and loved ones, rallied together and raced to the local blood banks to donate. So many had reached out to follow Caleb's status during this difficult time that it became overwhelming and near impossible to connect, update and communicate with everyone involved and concerned.

Getwellcaleb.com was immediately created by the founder to facilitate communication and to keep all involved, informed and up to date with Caleb’s progress. It also served to let Caleb know what an outpouring of love and support existed beyond the four walls of his hospital bed and beyond the restrictions and confinement induced by his injuries. That outpouring of love had a profound and positive effect on his mental state which conversely had a profound impact on his recovery. This became the link to connect Caleb, Family & Friends. Getwellcaleb.com remains active and continues to be a platform for loved ones to connect and post hope to Caleb. It also became the link that inspired the creation of PostHope; in an effort to replicate the bonds, unity and encouragement that were fostered by being able to Post a bit of Hope to someone desperately in need of it.

PostHope websites can be tailored for other uses beyond medical updates. Users have created sites dedicated to loved ones on mission trips, where notes of support and hope are shared between those abroad and those at home even though they are continents apart.

Other users’ sites, devoted to specific charitable causes, are designed to raise awareness and connect supporters, while providing followers with information on upcoming events, ways to donate, and how to get involved. PostHope offers much more than other social media sites in that it facilitates a level of connection and community for anyone faced with circumstances that would necessitate an outpouring of compassion and support. It is an invaluable resource in a time of need and it has helped shape and support communities of people dedicated to spreading inspiration, compassion and hope.

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