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Cole's Fight

Cole has touched many lives with his big hearted gestures, ready smile, calm attitude, and corny jokes. Unfortunately, he is now battling Cancer.

Latest journal entry

Side effects are getting stronger

Cole does have some "down" days during treatment.

He had trouble sleeping last night, because, he said, all he could smell was the Chemo drugs. We have washed his bedding twice today. And, he showered twice.

He seems to be very sensitive to smells.

Today was also a painful day. His mouth, stomach, bones, all hurt. He wasn't even up to going on his computer. He finally ate, and took a nap, and seems better.

His hair is all fuzzy, and thin. We were joking that he looks like a cartoon character. I think he kind of likes his new messy "do". Pajamas seem to be daily wear also.

Its amazing how the day to day things are different.


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