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Cole's Fight

Cole has touched many lives with his big hearted gestures, ready smile, calm attitude, and corny jokes. Unfortunately, he is now battling Cancer.

Latest journal entry

Cole's Fight Mentoring Program

I am excited to announce Cole's new idea. He is starting a Mentor Program for helping Young Cancer Survivors, that are having a tough time getting back to their future. Specifically in higher education.
Cole had a lot of Struggles getting back to his Sophomore year at UMD. The computer system treated him as a sort of a Freshman, even though he already finished a year. He was denied his Housing, Scholarships, Parking, and even Registration as a Sophomore. He had to take a year off, to fight his cancer, and that threw off the system. The Counselors were too busy helping new Freshman students. I started helping him, and it took a lot of phone calls, emails, and frankly pushing our way into getting half of what he needed back.
He also lacked the Counseling needed to take the correct classes, and ended up having to drop some during the year. He paid for a full semester, at full price, but ended up not getting all the credits. He finally was able to get a small Scholarship back, and help from the school by his current, second semester. He has learned a lot, wants to help others with this process. By starting a program, it will help change some of this process at colleges, and technical schools.
So Cole's Fight continues! Stay tuned......

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