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Cole's Fight

Cole has touched many lives with his big hearted gestures, ready smile, calm attitude, and corny jokes. Unfortunately, he is now battling Cancer.

Latest journal entry

Chemo Treatment #11

Cole is receiving his Chemotherapy treatment #11 today. They did decide to stop the Bleomycin for the last two treatments, yea!! This is a drug that can harm his lungs and heart down the road. So, we are glad he is off that one!

Hopefully he will go home and sleep for a few days, and have minimal side effects!

He was able to go for a short Snowmobile ride with his Dad yesterday, but he admits he is sore today from that. However, any chance that he can get out, the better!

The next treatment in a few weeks will be his last chemo treatment. I can't tell you how excited we are about that!

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