Patient websites, free and easy to create!

PostHope provides users the tools to create user-friendly, customized websites to post announcements, photos, and other information, while also allowing them to share updates through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social platforms, saving users time and energy, while keeping loved ones informed. In turn, friends and family can send encouraging messages and prayers directly to the website, where the user can access them all in one convenient location.

  • Free to set up
  • Receive donations via credit card & check
  • Post updates to all users following
  • Create a private a secure forum for communication
  • Create and manage photo albums

PostHope websites can be tailored for other uses beyond medical updates. Users have created sites dedicated to loved ones on mission trips, where notes of support and hope are shared continents apart. Other users’ sites, devoted to specific charitable causes, are designed to raise awareness and connect supporters, while providing followers with information on upcoming events, ways to donate, and how to get involved. PostHope offers much more than other social media sites, as it has helped shape and support communities of people dedicated to spreading inspiration, compassion and hope.