Haven’t you heard of Facebook?

Yes, we have heard of Facebook ... and ... Faceparty, MySpace, tumblr, Twitter, Foursquare, Bebo, Bolt, Cloob, CyWorld, Folkdirect, Google +, Gmail, YMail, Live Mail, Blogger, text messages, cell phones and many more. This is one of the reasons that makes PostHope.org so useful; a centralized, easy to use medium of communication between you, your friends and family. We also offer clean, ad free sites that enable site owners to receive donations via credit cards from their users right from their PostHope site!

Why it works
The Big Picture

PostHope.org enables website owners to create an easy to use website to post announcements, photos etc. while also enabling them and the websites users to share the content on their preferred social platform. A site owner can create a site, send out emails, post on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz etc. to inform everyone of interest that the site exists. In turn, users can follow the site and receive email notifications about important announcements and then share the announcements on a number of social networks. This enables everyone to stay up to date when events happen.

Why it works
Why it works

In times of crisis, it is much easier to direct people (email, calls, texts etc) to your site (http://PostHope.org/YourSiteName) rather then direct them to join Facebook, look you up by email, ignore all the noise in the feed (I like snow. I feel sleepy. I want to go out to dinner tonight. etc.) and look for the important announcements about X.

PostHope.org sites provide a much more personal and intimate community of friends, family and well-wishers focused specifically on the person/cause the site was created for.

In short, PostHope.org was created from a need, not from a business plan and for this reason alone it works.