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Dancing with Cancer

Information and reflections on Becca (and Don)'s breast cancer journey. For help navigating this site, click on Journal Updates or read about page

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The good, the bad, the neither and the every: meditations on neutrality

See my Jan. 15th post at my WordPress blog site (and follow me there if you haven't yet! See instructions for how below). 

Here are instructions for "following" me on the WordPress blog if you do NOT have a WordPress login (and don't want to have one). If you do have a WordPress login it should be easy (but isn't) and I'll try to post those soon too. 

(1) Paste the link above or into the browser address window; "return" to reach that site.

(2) Click the menu icon (3 horizontal bars) in the upper right corner.

(3) Scroll to the bottom, "Follow Becca's Blog via Email" then enter your email address in the box and click "Follow"

(4) You will get an email message from Word Press asking you to confirm. Use "return" to confirm.

(5) A browser window will open. You can then add email notification of new entries to your preferences. There
is a drop-down menu allowing you to choose immediate, daily, or weekly notification; the default is immediate, which
probably makes sense under current condition for most people. There is an "unfollow" option which of course you should not click.