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Back on Track

To pick up where I left off, Sofia was on a chemo hold due to a low ANC. We had planned a birthday party for both kids on October 1st hoping that everyone would be feeling good. Well, as of the Tuesday prior to the party, Sofia was still neutropenic. The Dr ordered labs for the day before the party in hopes that her counts were up and we could have the party. Well, I just planned on and used the power of positive thinking. Sofia was so excited, I couldn't imagine cancelling the party. At 5pm on Friday we got the OK as her counts we 650! Not high enough to start chemo but not neutropenic!!
The party was a great success and we appreciated having the kids birthdays within a week of each other, one and done! Sofia had the best time and is really sad that she has to wait another year until her next birthday. Luckily we got to celebrate Daddy's birthday the next week. 3 birthdays in 16 days!!
That next Tuesday, Sofia's ANC was finally over 750! Given that this pause on chemo was her first drop, we were started back at 100% strength chemo. If her ANC drops under 500 again than we go off and they will start adjusting strength.
So given that Sofia got that one cold that completely turned everything upside down for 5 weeks, we have decided to keep Sofia out of school for a while. Given that she will have to do 2 years of pre-k, the germs just don't seem worth it for only 2 days of school. So back to school of mommy! Luckily, St. Lawrence has been so supportive and is going to provide us with work packets every week that we can work on with her. It is important that Sofia gets socialization and doesn't just stare and me and her brother all afternoon! We are thrilled that Sofia is now back in dance and will be starting either gymnastics or karate (she can't decide) soon.
Last week was a steroid week and Sofia's food of choice... frozen waffles! It is really funny and strange how it changes every month!! She did great on the steroids but has had a harder time coming off of them this month. She is very attached to me! So tonight Daddy took her out to a special night to Disney on Ice. I hated missing it but this alone time for them is so important. She had SO MUCH fun. She came home and couldn't talk fast enough telling me all about it. We are so appreciative of every moment now and I am so grateful for that. Tonight also gave me a little time to cuddle my baby boy who is now walking and the source of a lot of laughter in this house! He and Sofia play now and it is so cute. She was in tears when he started walking and was hugging him saying "I am so proud of you brother." We are so blessed to have these amazing kids!
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and the continued prayers. #teamsofia