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An update and a Kitty Favor


Hello everyone,

I apologize that it's been awhile since our last update.  Mike, Colleen and Caleb FINALLY got to go home at the beginning of March from the hospital after almost 6 weeks.   Since leaving the hospital, Caleb has been in "remission", which means there is no more cancer in his blood. Although this is great news, remission in Leukemia is different that other cancers (hence the quotation marks). At this point if they stopped the chemo, his cancer would come back in full effect in about 3 weeks. So, he will have an intense rotating chemo regimen for the next 7 months, then a somewhat less intense chemo regimen for the next 2.5 years. (3.5 years total).

He was in a lighter phase of chemo for this past month, so he's been doing great. Although he is dealing with some of the side effects from the chemo, which have made walking more difficult for him, he's been almost like his old self again, laughing and playing, which is an unbelievable blessing and relief. They just started a round of chemo that's a bit more intense than the last, so he's starting to feel the side effects more. We're hoping that they don't hit him as hard as they did when he was in the hospital.

I know a lot of you have been asking how you could help once they left the hospital. They are finally getting their bearings at home now, so they should have a better idea of what help they may need soon. (If you look below, you'll see one way they need help. It's not for everyone, but if you know someone who might be interested, then please pass the info along). I'm sure their needs will be evolving as the chemo gets more intense, so I will be keeping everyone posted as often as possible. The love and support that you all have been sending their way has been really amazing and inspiring.  There aren't enough words to express our gratitude. 

From Mike and Colleen:

Hello friends,

We need your help again. We are looking for a loving home for our cat Vince. We were very fortunate to have an amazing friend take both our boys about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, her cat and our boy Vince are not co-existing well and the dynamic is getting worse. So...we are once again hoping to find a new forever home for him.

Vince is our feisty, opinionated white and grey baby who loves to sit on your lap. He is 6 years old. He is neutered and up to date with all of his shots as well. He is not microchipped. He is the worlds biggest lap cat and loves to cuddle. He also loves to play and eat treats! He would do well in a home where he is the only cat in the house and would also do well with older children (over 6 years old). He is very social and loves to be around people. He has always been an indoor cat with us, but would also absolutely thrive in an environment where he could safely be indoor/outdoor.

Any help you could give to get our furry boy a new home would help us out so much. This decision is a difficult one for us, but unfortunately a necessary one right now for Caleb. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please share this post and private message me. Thanks so much!!!

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