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Posted 2012-12-30T23:32:45Z

Current Progress

Justin has made tremendous progress. At one point in time his future looked very bleak. Assisted living or continuous supervision at a group home were discussed but Justin began to prove these suppositions wrong. At Barrow he moved along at a steady pace, improving his aphasia problems, maneuvering his wheel chair. At Rehab Without Walls he could stay focused at least five hours a day and when he finally came home in April he was beginning to use his walker. The therapists worked hard with Justin and Justin reciprocated with disciplined intent to recover 100 percent. Justin’s progress has continued from a “home and community” setting to out-patient.[...]

Posted 2012-12-30T23:31:47Z

Justin's Story

Justin McCarthy-Contreras had just completed an exciting academic study abroad program in Guatemala with the University of Arizona. He was looking forward to meeting his sister and mother in Costa Rica on December 14th before traveling back to the USA. He had a weekend to travel and went to Ometepe, Nicaragua with friends from the study abroad program. On the night of December 11, 2011 Justin (a passenger on the back of a motorcycle) was hit head on by another motorcyclist, reportedly, drunk, with no headlights and on the wrong side of the road. Before Justin arrived at Metropolitano Hospital in Managua, Nicaragua, Justin had been found unconscious and bleeding profusely on the side of a cobblestone road. He had been transported one hour and 45 minutes on a bumpy boat ride to the mainland then 9 hours to Managua. He had suffered a traumatic brain injury, compound fracture of the femur and crushed patella.[...]