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Liz Berkenkamp Liz Berkenkamp

Yay Lyla Steve and wonderfully supportive families.

Luella Rhodes Luella Rhodes

Thanks so much for continuing to post updates on Lyla. I'm so sorry she's had to go through so much pain πŸ˜” You are both such great parents! She will be home soon!!!
Luce' Rhodes

Geoffrey Stathos Geoffrey Stathos

Beautiful Lyla, we are so thrilled your surgery was successful and more importantly that you are in such great health you can go home. You are blessed with so much kindness, love and joy all around you. Your parents are awesome and they love you so much. Take care Lyla we are praying for you.

Christine Tibbott Christine Tibbott

Happy birthday Lyla. Have a lovely day. We are all thinking of you and send all our love.
Lots of love Christine.

Geoffrey Stathos Geoffrey Stathos

Lyla, You are so beautiful and strong and giving your parents so much joy each time you show improvement. We are so very proud of what you have accomplished in the past 33 days. Our prayers go out to you, your parents, your doctors and the medical staff and you will conquer this disease. We Love You, Geoff and Rebekah Stathos

Christine Tibbott Christine Tibbott

Dear Helen.
I have been away this week and Laura-Jane and James have kept me informed. What a roller coaster week it has been for you. I feel so much for you and my heart burst when I saw Lyla smiling after rock bottom day. There is so much love, prayers and good wishes coming from this side of the pond for you all. What a star Lyla is and so brave. Feel so much for you both and Lyla. Just adored the video LJ sent of musical therapy. Every minute of the day you are in my thoughts.
Much love Christine xxxxxxxxx

Christine Tibbott Christine Tibbott

Just the most beautiful picture of Lyla. Quite made my day.
Love Christine.

Amy and Brian Ziegler Amy and Brian Ziegler

Faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is Love. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding for the entire family. I walk in the strength of the Lord. Amy & Brian

Christine Tibbott Christine Tibbott

Dear Lyla.
We will be thinking of you tomorrow and wish every success. Always in our thoughts. What a brave girl you are.
Lots of love Christine. xxxxxxxxx

Mary Sepe Mary Sepe

Fight little Lyla. Know we are all pulling for you.
Mary Sepe

Carolyn Cadloni Carolyn Cadloni

Hello Lyla, we hope you are feeling all the love that surrounds you and know that your strong and brave Mommy and Daddy are by your side and helping you to be strong and brave too. We look forward to hearing good news of your recovery! Hugs, Bob and Carolyn Cadloni XOXOXO

Helen Edgington Helen Edgington

The ladies at Phoenix country club very kindly set up a donation website. Any donations go directly to Steve and Helen and are used for medical and travel costs.

Helen Edgington Helen Edgington

Address while Lyla is in hospital (until early Sept):
UofM Children's Hospital
Unit 4, Lyla Edgington
2450 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454