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MahaNaga Modern Thai Restaurant & Bar

MahaNaga Modern Thai Restaurant & Bar in Bangkok

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Posted 2015-12-08T08:20:34Z

Versatility of Thai Cuisine at the Modern restaurant and bar in Thailand

The MahaNaga special cuisine comes exquisitely for the modern generation. The improvised Thai food variety is has so much scope in presenting new dishes for the people of Thailand and their guests. The fusions dishes of international cuisine and the Thai cuisine are successfully served after a lot of trial and error game of the most experienced chefs.

Appetizers & salads

MahaNaga features the best Appetizer set that includes six different types of appetizer which changes daily. In the prawn section they have the fried prawn-GOONG SEE THONG served as appetizer; YUM SOM O GOONG SOD and YUMHUA PLEE GOONG SOD served as salads. The YUM NUA YANG, which is the rib eye salad with fruit another example of the modern Thai cuisine. You also have a diversity ranging from minced pork, crabs, chicken, and duck to lambs.


Another category of appetizer is the soup. The soups served at MahaNaga have a delectable taste when smeared with exotic ingredients like the lemongrass, galangal, straw mushroom and coconut milk. To name a few varieties they have TOM YUM GOONG (prawn soup and straw mushrooms) and POH TAK (soup with scallop, prawn, fish, salmon and herbs).

Main course

The main course menu opens a wide range of Thai fusion dishes. You should defiantly try them without giving it a second thought because it is guaranteed that every single dish has a versatile flavor of ingredients in it, which makes it delicious in its own form. The grilled and marinated dishes are a must have. The menu also holds a variety of vegetarian dishes. The green and red curry dishes are prepared with a heavy use of the cashew nuts and some local herbs.


Reaching at the touch line we come to the desserts. If you are visiting this restaurant you must and must try KHAO NIEW MAMUANG – a specialty of Thailand, the sweet sticky rice topped with coconut milk and served with sliced mango. You may also order the fresh fruit which are available according to the seasons.

Gaining from this writing you will be a little curious to try out the dishes. MahaNaga is a place where the ambiance, décor, music and service are in harmony with the fusion cuisine. You will enjoy having a dine-in at this Modern restaurant and bar in Thailand.



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