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Maria Phillips - Journal

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Posted 2012-08-08T13:33:19Z

Maria (8/5)

Maria is still at Good Samaritan Hospital...her fever is down and her lungs sound good.

Please post if you have visited Maria, so I can post the update, thanks![...]

Posted 2012-07-31T18:37:35Z

Maria (7/31)

A post from Lisa Gold - Marty and I visited with Maria on Sunday. She slept most of the time. When I spoke to her, she cried. Her body is in a contracted position, most visiably in her hands. When I uncovered her hand to hold it, ut was twisted and clenched stuck underneath her own body. Any visitors please check that her body is in a comfortable position. We keep trying to open up her hands, her arm braces would be very helpful. Words cannot express, how much I miss my BFF. She is the strongest woman I know. Everyday I learn a new lesson from her[...]

Posted 2012-07-31T13:38:10Z

A post from Maria's sister Cheryl (7/30)

Dear Friends & Family of Maria, On behalf of Maria's family and as her Guardian, I wish to personally thank each of you who have sent your prayers, thoughts, love, and donations to assist us in getting Maria healthy again. Your donations are remarkable and on behalf of Maria, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are confident that Maria will thank you herself one day soon. Until that day, it is the responsibility of Maria's family to determine the best course of care. While we appreciate ideas and suggestions, we are regularly consulting with her medical team and experts who advise us frequently on her progress and needs. As is typical with a donation/fund drive for a patient, the family will use the funds towards the critical care needs and use for the patient. Please be assured we will use your donations to obtain that best care for Maria. Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity. We will certainly keep you posted on Maria's progress. Thank you, Maria's Family[...]

Posted 2012-07-31T13:35:59Z

Maria (7/30)

Vanessa - Visited with Erich today within the 3 o'clock hour. Her breathing appeared labored. She was straining from having to clear her throat which she gave a look of severe pain and cried often. If only she could let us know what was really hurting her. She made it clear she was uncomfortable. Her fever has been down, though still at 100 degrees. She was set to have a chest xray done sometime today. Hopefully that could give a clearer idea what's going on......[...]

Posted 2012-07-28T20:29:45Z

Maria's Donation Monies

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give an update to all who so generously donated.

Between our 1st donation fund in May, and our current donation going on now, we have raised $1,405. We are hoping to use the monies raised to help make Maria more comfortable. I am also hoping that Maria recovers quickly and the remaining monies we raised, can be handed directly to Maria...this is my hope![...]

Posted 2012-07-28T19:53:46Z

Maria (7/28)

Maria is still at Good Samaritan hospital in Suffern, NY. Friends who visited Maria yesterday said she had been having some seizures, but that the seizures have subsided. Maria is also more responsive again as she was previously.[...]