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This is a website created to keep friends and family informed during Jacob Harm's recovery from his motor vehicle accident within the US Army. April 5, 2018 will mark Ja[...] read more

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Accident Recovery Anniversary #4 For Jacob -Still Recovering and Doing Well

Today marks year #4 of Jake's military related accident. One would have never have thought that he has recovered to the degree that he has, and that we as a family would be in sunny California, working and finding some of the best VA medical care in the nation to aid in Jake's recovery. Each year Jake is still improving, even though we are not seeing the milestones as frequently as we have in the past, but most recently his key words, phrases and off the cuff funny comments he comes out with truly represents the Jake we once knew. 

Jake has a new unique personality since enduring his sever traumatic brain injury. We are very thankful he has maintained his caring, kind, helpful and extremely empathetic personality. Jake is still very sensitive to noises that you and I tolerate on a normal basis, large groups of people and many people talking at one time, and direct and bright sun light. He still has a tried and true Army mindset, where he diligently works out every morning and has a vey strict routine,even more so since the accident, and change in routine is very difficult for Jacob. So we as parents still need to make sure we plan way head for any event or change in the daily or weekly schedule in order to accommodate to Jacob making the proper adjustments. Taking our time  to make these adjustments is even more so better for Jeff and myself too, as it also us to slow down a little, limit our outings, and not having to be over committed to a busy family schedule. Jake is also dealing with the onset of arthritis and inflammation in both knees. He has consistent pain and aching at times, so he is now taking a prescription anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling in his knees, and a natural CBD herbs to control and deal with the pain.

As many of you know we celebrate "family" and the "gift of life" each April to reflect the happiness and joy that we still have Jacob with us, and to celebrate Jacob's birthday on April 19th with a family travel vacation. This year the boys are joining me after I complete a few days of presenting in Oahu, Hawaii for work at the Women's STEM Conference. We plan to spend an additional week to just enjoy family time with shutting off the tech, and visiting Pearl Harbor memorial where Jeff's dad Chet harm served in the US Navy and where he he actually survived the Pearl Harbor attacks. We also plan on enjoying lots of organic fruits,vegetables,fish, coffee and good ole Hawaiian spam :-)  

***Jake turns 23 years old this year on April 19th, feel free to send him birthday wishes here or on his Face Book page.

Wishing you healthy well wishes and remember to celebrate the gift of life each and every day with your family members who make you the most happy.

Jeff, Naomi and Jake

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