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natasha staller natasha staller

A flood of memories...
of our unique, fiercely brilliant, and so loved friend --
with her world-filling laugh
and her luminous soul.
So much love to Johannes, Theresa and Clara
and to Angelika's still radiant presence
from Natasha Staller and Gary Ruvkun

Abby Dernburg Abby Dernburg

I still find myself thinking about Angelika so frequently - her light keeps on shining and inspiring her colleagues, collaborators, and mentees. Warmest wishes to her family.

Georgette M Charles Georgette M Charles

Angelika is our angel. Such a mentor and champion to so many. I can't believe how a year has passed so fast and it is just like yesterday that my heart was raw receiving such news. She continues to live on in each of us with such spirit, tenacity, and voice.

With gratitude, sympathy, and love,

Georgette, Chris, Gabriel, and Gregory

Annie Kloimwieder Annie Kloimwieder

Angelika was an amazing mentor, scientist, and human being. Her passion for science and life in general was unbridled – as was her fantastic laugh!
I remember when I went on grad school interviews, every person I met had a story to share about Angelika. She was that kind of person. The kind of person no one ever forgets.
I will be forever grateful for having known her and for her incredible positive impact on my life. I will never forget her.

Johannes, Theresa, and Clara, my deepest sympathies for your tremendous loss.

With love,
Annie Kloimwieder

John Diffley John Diffley

You can see I am about to crack up at one of Angelika's brilliant stories...

Maria Jasin Maria Jasin

Screen shots from the Harvey lecture

Maria Jasin Maria Jasin

Angelika's Harvey lecture from 2015 captures her wonderful personality as well as science, and delivered in an elegant evening gown! Angelika, we miss you!

de massy de massy

My sincere support to all Angelica's family to overcome her loss. Angelika's was a fantastic colleague both as a person and for scientific insights. Bernard de Massy

Leslie Lai Leslie Lai

Dear Johannes, Theresa, and Clara,

My heart grieves for your family. Angelika was my undergraduate advisor from 2001-2003 and I worked in her lab during those years. (I think I also met all of you during a holiday party she hosted at your home then, the girls were quite small and there was talk of buying pet hamsters...) Angelika made my life at MIT so much brighter and fun with her cheerful spirit, witty sense of humor, and that famous laugh of hers -- I can still hear that laugh in my head right now!

Though I did not continue with a career in biology, she was always so supportive and helped me apply to graduate programs and listened to all my job transitions. But more importantly, she simply cared who I was as a person, and that was true of everyone she met and mentored. Angelika had that rare combination of intelligence, warmth, empathy, integrity, sense of justice, and fearlessness, and I feel so lucky to have been in her presence for those few years.

With love and gratitude,

Christina Ji Christina Ji

Dear Amon family,

I am so sorry about your loss. Angelika ran an amazing lab that I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of as an undergrad in 2016-2017. She gave me the opportunity to learn how to run biology experiments with mouse models--a dream I'd had since high school. Her passion for science was readily apparent--when she announced she was just awarded a major grant, her immediate reaction was that she could work in the lab the next year! I remember how welcoming Angelika and all of you were when hosting us at your house for festive parties. I hope you can find comfort and healing with time.

Warm regards,
Christina Ji

Julian Lange Julian Lange

Angelika has been a mentor, advisor, and friend since 2000, when I started graduate school at MIT. In sharing her enthusiasm and kindness and scientific curiosity and inspiring drive with everyone around her, Angelika touched our lives in so many positive ways. On numerous instances, hearing her voice and her laugh – as she approached a conference room or meeting hall or lab I was in – put a smile on my face and in my heart. Like so many who have expressed their sentiments here, I will miss Angelika very much.

Martin Fasching Martin Fasching

Lieber Johannes, liebe Theresa, liebe Clara!

Ich spreche Euch mein aufrichtiges Beileid aus und wünsche Euch viel Kraft in dieser schwierigen Zeit!

Johannes, leider haben sich unsere Lebenswege (deiner, Christians und meiner) Jahrzehnte zu früh gegabelt, so dass nur blasse Erinnerungen für mich verfügbar sind. Trotzdem dachte ich in den Jahren oft, und denke jetzt ganz besonders viel an Euch.

Mit tiefer Bewunderung lese ich die vielen Achivements von Gika, Deiner Powerfrau, die unsere Welt in vielen Aspekten in so kurzer Lebenszeit weiterbrachte.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen,wenn wir uns mal wieder sehen könnten!

Alles Liebe,
Martin Fasching

Sarah Spires Sarah Spires

Dear Johannes, Theresa and Clara,

I am so saddened to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing Angelika with us while she was here. I had the privilege of working in her lab as an undergraduate, and she helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life. When I got my first full-time job after grad school, the person that hired me said they had to have me after speaking to one of my references whom they couldn't get off the phone because she had so many kind things to say about me. Of course this was Angelika, as she was an amazing mentor and advocate for everyone who worked in her lab, even years after-the-fact, as was the case for me. She was larger than life--I can still see and hear her so clearly (even though I graduated 16 years ago). She will be greatly missed, but certainly never forgotten.

Warmest wishes,

Sarah (Simmons) Spires

Alexandra De Rosa Alexandra De Rosa

Dear Johannes, Theresa and Clara,

Words cannot express my deepest sympathies. My heart breaks with you in this time of unexpected sorrow. 

I had the honor and pleasure of working in Angelika's lab as an undergraduate years ago. Angelika's enthusiasm was always contagious - for science, for students, for life. Her passion and joy have influenced so many, and she was truly a guiding light paving the way, strides ahead. She will be missed and remembered as an extraordinary scientist, inspiring mentor, and strong woman. May her ingenuity and resilience live on in her legacy. 

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers for courage ahead.

With love, 

William Kaelin William Kaelin

Dear Johannes, Theresa, and Clara,

I am so sorry for your loss. The world has lost a bright light. I, like so many others in the scientific community, am just devastated. Not only did I admire her scientific brilliance, which was apparent to all, but I also admired her irrepressible zest for life. We will all miss her laser-like intellect and irreverent sense of humor. Angelika will never be forgotten by any who had the privilege of knowing her. My deepest condolences, Bill Kaelin