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Our story . . . 2 Corinthians 1: 3 - 4

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Post Op Update

Steve posting again with a brief update just to say that Lee is doing well overall following her shoulder surgery. She had hoped to do the next update personally, but typing efficiently with one hand (especially when brevity is not a primary gifting 😉😬) has proven to be a bit more challenging than expected. She had her first follow up with the surgeon this week and he felt all was going as planned. Lee needs to stay in her immobilizer sling pretty much full time for two more weeks but can start doing some “passive PT” now to prevent the shoulder from getting more stiff. She also ventured out yesterday on her first driving adventure with the immobilizer. She reports all went well and I saw no marks on the car and had no police reports that challenged her assessment!

Thanks for all of your prayers and notes over these past two weeks.  We’ve been very well cared for by multiple friends who’ve provided meals and offers of rides, house cleaning, etc.  Hopefully Lee will be up to crafting the next update!

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