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Posted 2024-06-12T18:51:00Z

Another surgery

A year and a half after the “Big Surgery,” I gave conference papers in Leeds (in July) and in Birmingham (in August), with several weeks of research at the Bodleian Library in Oxford bridging the weeks between the two conferences. On my last day in Leeds, and throughout my first week in Oxford, I had some pretty intense pain in my chest. This, I found out later, was my transverse colon and greater omentum forcing their way up through my esophageal hiatus.[...]

Posted 2018-08-18T22:01:50Z

Six-month check-up

Good afternoon, friends!

Karen just reminded me that I should let you all know that I had my six-month follow-up check-up at the end of June, and that there was no sign of any cancer. (I didn't send an update then, because they were concerned about elevated bilirubin levels — but it looks now as if these are due to a completely benign condition called Gilbert's Syndrome — so that's all right!) It'll be another 4½ years before they'll give me the "all clear," but for this particular cancer, the first year is by far the most likely time for any recurrence. So this is really good news![...]

Posted 2018-01-01T20:22:13Z

Happy New Year!

I’m sorry not to have posted for so long. Tl;dr: Convalescing takes patience, but all is well.

I’ve been home for three weeks now, and I’m very very happy to be here with my family and kitties. Gradually over these weeks I’ve reduced the pain killers they had me take, and gradually I’ve been able to expand what foods I can eat (almost anything at this point, but I need to be careful to eat it slowly and to not eat too much).[...]

Posted 2017-12-08T23:27:59Z

Thanks to you all

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’d like to repeat my thanks to each of you for your continuing encouragement and well wishes. This is dragging on longer than we had hoped, and it’s your cheers and whispers and messages and poetry that is keeping us going.[...]

Posted 2017-12-07T14:23:18Z

Finally some progress!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty frustrating, feeling like nothing was changing, but then things started happening:

1. Erik’s nasogastric tube was removed yesterday afternoon, which has made him much more comfortable, as its presence was causing his most troubling pain. That leaves 6 tubes (3 incoming, 3 outgoing); 4 of which will come out before we get to go home.[...]