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Carla Spruill Carla Spruill

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was not aware "Sonny Boy" as my dad (Carl Dail) always called him was so sick until I saw a post on Face Book this morning. I visited my parents today and they didn't seem to be aware of it either. My mother is hard of hearing and my dad has memory problems so they miss a lot. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. ~~ Carla Dail Spruill

Phil and Margi Wynn Phil and Margi Wynn

Just returned home from 5 days in Raleigh and read your request. You and your parents have our prayers!

Joyce  Lassiter Joyce Lassiter

Thank God!! I talked with Sheila today. We had planned to go visit tonight, but plans have been changed. Being around auntie last weekend with a virus, I don't think neither Edsel or myself should go yet. Our thoughts & prayers are still with each of you. Love you all.