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Posted 2016-02-26T06:09:13Z

Better quality of construction

Kit home , as one of the fastest growing segment among residential construction industry, has many benefits that you may not notice. Here I will introduce you some of them.

1. They can be completed Fast

Modular homes from start to finish can be built fast. You know, most things, like the installation of cabinets and doors are completed at the factory. And most fixtures, plumbing and electrical are in place before the modular home leaves the factory. When it comes to the time that the modular home is ready to set on its foundation, there leaves less things for you to complete. This saves a lot of time while weather and scheduling always being tougher issues for traditional construction.

2. Design flexibility

Modular buildings give you hundreds of options and design possibilities. They offer customizable, efficient, and quick site-building houses. You can work with your house builder and manufacturer to determine the type and design of house that best suits your needs. These builders generally offer you a wide range of building plans to choose from. You can then apply for state building codes and upon being granted, you can modify and upgrade your construction specifications according to your own liking. You will be allowed to design your own floors and elevations, the interior decoration, style of windows, shades of colors, bath fixtures and much more. The possibilities are simply endless!

3. Less Wasted Material

Because modular homes are constructed by factory, material loss can be kept to a minimum. Building a conventional house, poor weather, theft, and poor construction conditions will add the overall losses. What’s more, we know that modular house is smaller than conventional house, which again making modular home construction more cost effectively.

4. More durable construction

Generally, modular houses must be transported hundreds of miles from the factory to where they will be placed, they have to be held to a much higher standard in most areas of construction, to withstand being moved.

5. Better quality of construction

They have better quality control as they are built to protect the entire structure during the construction, thereby protecting from the harmful weather. And during their construction, these houses undergo many inspections. A stick built structure may have two to three inspections, but a modular building has approximately 300 quality inspections and sometimes it includes third-party inspections to ensure the highest level of quality.

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