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Posted 2016-02-26T06:15:26Z

Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity

First, we have to talk about cotton moisture absorption. Typically, Knitting Fabric cotton fiber can quickly absorb into the atmosphere surrounding the right amount of water, so the skin when exposed to cotton when human skin feel very soft and comfortable. And when the body a lot of sweat, the humidity is bound to increase clothes, cotton is very easy and will appear in a large number of human skin sweat dissipated, thus making the clothes and the body to maintain a state of harmony, people wear comfortable and relaxed.

Secondly, the cotton moisture. Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, thermal conductivity is very low, because cotton fiber itself has a porous advantage, high elasticity, can accumulate a lot of air between the fibers, while the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so, cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention, wearing pure cotton clothing make people feel warm.

Third, pure cotton heat can be good. When Celsius below 110 ℃, will only cause the fabric moisture evaporation, will not damage the fiber, so the cotton fabric at room temperature, wear, washing and dyeing have no use on fabrics, thereby improving the pure cotton fabric Naixinaichuan performance.

Finally, small series for everyone to talk about cotton alkali resistance. Cotton fiber is strong resistance to alkali, alkaline solution in the cotton fibers are destroyed phenomenon does not occur. It is reported that washing the favorable performance of cotton clothing, but also on cotton textiles dyeing, printing and a variety of processing technology to produce more new varieties of cotton.

When it comes to so many of the benefits of cotton clothes, but dressed in cotton, but also need to pay attention when washing. From pure plant fiber, cotton prone to wrinkles, easy to shrink, easy deformation, easy to stick hair phenomenon, especially cotton acid resistance is poor, when concentrated sulfuric acid contaminated cotton, they can easily be burned hole, when there is not an acid solution Shen get clothes should be cleaned to avoid the acid solution on the clothes fatal damage.

Overall, cotton clothing and a lot of benefits. However, in order to wear the clothes longer, more elegant, but also to take care of them Oh!

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