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Posted 2013-01-31T05:57:33Z


Thank you for your prayers, words of comfort and support, and for your donations. We are most appreciative. To give you an update on the funds and the use of them to date:

those of you who donated prior to January 12th, either through the "PostHope" site, or via (Matthew's sister) Carol Barber's email account, based on her misrepresentation that she was authorized to act on behalf of his estate, please be advised that none of those funds have been remitted to our daughter, Fallon. Less than 12 hours after I paid for all necessary expenses to the funeral home for services on behalf of Matthew, the PayPal account was completely depleted by Carol without authorization.

Those funds contributed on the site after January 12th via credit card or personal checks made out to Fallon, were deposited directly into her bank account. It is egregious that donations sent in good faith to be used either to benefit Fallon or cover continuing costs incurred in finalizing Matthew's affairs, were not in fact used for those purposes.

We are again thankful for all the generosity shown in every way on behalf of Matthew.

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