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This site provides updates on Mark and the Herwaldt family as they face life with ALS. The Herwaldts ask for your prayers and support as they courageously take on a debil[...] read more

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The Honey-Do List is too Long

I would never recommend moving while dealing with this serious medical situation but In our case, we had no choice. We needed to move out of our bi-level duplex and into a ranch house. We are very grateful for the simplicity the new house brings however our honey-do list seems to be never ending. If you are so incline to lend a hand, I have made a wish list. Call, email or leave a message here if you’d like to volunteer.

rake leaves

clean leaves out of the gutters 

prepare the yard for the winter

install a wireless doorbell

install a closet door in the bathroom 

prime and then paint the shelves in the laundry room

hang shelves

Hang new blinds

take items to specific donation sites


thank you for your consideration. People like you have been the lifeboat that God has sent to keep us from drowning.






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