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Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

Good Afternoon!

Please forgive the delay in updates, we have been busy, busy, busy! Chad has taken his medical team's advice to get out and live it up quite literally and his energy and zest for life is immeasurable. I'm having a hard time keeping up with him. He is really grabbing life by the horns! In the last week alone we've watched the Tribe vs Reds for the battle of Ohio in Cincinnati, the Home Run Derby & visiting family in Cleveland and the always awesome up close fireworks experience at Lake Choctaw. We want to thank everyone that helped us with all of these events. It is truly because of all of you helping us out and pitching in that we are able to get out and do all of the fun things that we are doing. Even though this is the toughest time in our lives, by choosing to keep going we are also finding some of the most special moments we've shared together and we are thankful. 

We met the new oncologist on Thursday and we both liked him. Dr. Elkhatib has 19 years of medical oncology experience and served as a director of Oncology in 2 different hospitals. Chad liked his bedside manner and he seemed easy to talk to. We also both really like the new Nurse Practitioner which is pretty important since you see and communicate more with the NP's than you do the doctors at times. Since the blood work looked so good and his platelet count is rising, it was decided that Chad will stay with the FOLFOX on the reduced dosage. Since he is handling it so well the doctor decided to extend Chad's rounds from 2 months to 3 months and he will have his next scans the first week of September. We were concerned about the shake up in infusion days because Thursday-Saturday is much more difficult to work around but we got the all clear to go back to the Monday-Wednesday infusion schedule. We are both pleased about that and will make it much easier to work around when school starts for me again next month. We were reminded that eventually the FOLFOX will stop working and that there will be times that Chad will have to take breaks from treatment but it's still comforting for now to have some sense of a schedule so that we can plan ahead.

Can we take a minute to mention just how good Chad looks! He doesn't just look good for a guy with cancer, he looks good in general. He looks so good that people have told us both that he doesn't even look sick. As his wife who sees him everyday I definitely notice differences in his appearance but I can see why other people are shocked when they see him. They are expecting to see a man who "looks like" he has stage 4 stomach cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and instead they see cutie pie Chad with a head full of curls. Yes, he's lost some curls but lucky for him he had plenty to start with so he's still got quite a bit hanging around. Now that the rapid weight loss has stopped and he's leveled out he's been able to start taking walks for exercise and he's eating very well so he just looks healthier overall. Even the nurses mention how well he looks. I believe that this all comes back to Chad's amazing attitude.

The fact that he looks good and feels good has been on my mind a lot lately because as I have previously mentioned Chad has some guilt sometimes about feeling "too" good. He told me that sometimes he feels like he's "scamming" when he has a 4-5 day stretch of feeling well. It's who he is as a person, he has a strong work ethic and feels like if he's feeling well enough he should go to work but at this time in his life I am trying to help him see that when you only have 4 days here and 3 days there you have to split them between work and family, friends and fun. On good stretches we both get busy enjoying life and actually forget that he's sick. The first few times I realized that I had forgotten I felt terrible! Now I realize that the time spent forgetting is actually time well spent so hopefully we can forget a lot more. 

We will get bonus days again before Chad's next chemotherapy infusion, he goes back on July 29th. Please continue to pray for him and send good vibes and juju! You all make a difference in our life everyday and we thank you for your love and support.

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