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Cancer Warrior

Early on the morning of February 8th I had an ovarian torsion. Wow was that painful! I thought it was appendicitis. 4 days at John Radcliffe Hospital and lots of tests [...] read about page

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Kidnapped to Colorado

We were barely in SB long enough to get our lives unpacked when my parents "kidnapped" me to Colorado.  Mom had a severe "hug deficit" and needed a week of mommy-daughter time.  We hiked, jacuzzied and enjoyed the fall colors and mountains.  Bruce flew in for a quick three days weekend.  We hiked on the Eaglesmere Trail in the Eagles Nest Wilderness to the spot where he proposed years ago.  He asked again and I said YES, YES, YES.  Mom and I spent 4 perfect days at Devils Thumb Ranch where I fulfilled my lifelong dream to drive a team of carriage horses.  I feel so lucky! Thanks to Mom and Jim for an unforgettable end of Chemo/birthday/Festivus present.  I posted more pictures here.

Now it's back to SB and restarting our old life.  I'm trying to be glad to be home, but I miss all my Oxrford pals, and gargoyles, and signets!  On my mind this week, my one-year FitBit anniversary is Oct 16th and I am just a few miles from a huge goal of walking 1869 miles, the" Japan Badge".   That's a lot of miles given the year I had.  During the hard days after surgery, making this goal was what got me out off the couch and moving.  During my 6 month of chemo I was walking over 6 miles a day.  I am so proud of myself!  I still have 20 miles to go, I had better go walk around the block.  

Hugs to all,