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Posted 2019-10-12T17:33:00Z

Chemo # 17 was Tuesday followed by increasingly hard week of post chemo nausea

Last Tuesday I had my 17th chemo.  Now I am struggling through another week of severe nausea.  Despite a regime of four anti-nausea meds, I could not keep liquids down yesterday, so back to the hospital I went for IV fluids and more anti-emetics.  I even threw up in the infusion chair while getting more anti-nausea meds!   Still feeling yucky today but liquids are staying down and that's most important.  My feet, leg, and hands are exhibiting the side effects of Doxorubicin.  It is a hot blistering acidic feeling, different from neuropathy, very unpleasant, but it should diminish after treatment.  I tried a new product, Care By Design pain cream, a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD that has helped the burning feeling, another use for Cannabinoids!  [...]

Posted 2019-09-18T21:17:00Z

Kickstarter declined

I received this Kickstarter letter an hour ago.  

September 18, 2019 PDT
Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your project with us. We’ve given it a careful review, and unfortunately, we’re unable to approve it to launch. All projects on our site must fit into one of our 15 categories and abide by our rules, which we encourage you to reread: • • Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers, CBD products and related paraphernalia are not allowed on Kickstarter. Here’s a comprehensive list of items prohibited by Kickstarter, so you can better understand the things to avoid: • If there’s another way to present this project that doesn't include offering an item prohibited on Kickstarter, please feel free to revise and resubmit. We’d be happy to take another look. We appreciate your understanding, Kickstarter Trust & Safety[...]

Posted 2019-09-11T19:36:00Z

Delayed chemo. KICKSTARTER launch on Sept 19th

Bruce and I arrived home on Labor Day from a lovely three week visit in Breckenridge.  Thank you, Mom and Jim, for great mountain fun.  Isaac the Forest Troll, rubber duck races, Bandaloop, an amazing vertical dance troup, Tree-0: fun concert in the trees.  And lots of ball tossing for Izzy and way too many hours at Ready Paint Fire, paint your own pottery -- so much fun.  We also had a lovely visit up to SteamBoat Springs with Bob and Sally for a big ol family reunion with Ron, Pat, Scott, Jillian, Eric and Jodie. Mom also arranged for me to meet with several of her friends to tell my story.  The more I share this chapter of my life, the more committed I am to bringing this story to the world.  Most people are rapt with attention and full of questions. This story must be told.  Cannabis is Medicine.  End Prohibition so Science can Prove it.         [...]

Posted 2019-07-13T22:42:00Z

Schedule 1: Rediscovering the anti tumor properties of Cannabis A documentary short

Thanks to a second dose of anti-nausea meds and IV fluids yesterday, I survived Tuesday’s chemo.  I had intense nausea for 3 days but minimal urping, so an improvement.   And the best news, my CA 125 fell to 6.  Data suggests cannabis given after chemo helps the chemo work more effectively.  The tumor is still platinum-sensitive, which gives me hope for remission.  Enough of medical details because I have more interesting things to BIG NEWS! [...]

Posted 2019-06-17T18:52:00Z

Lucky Chemo 13?

What has happened to my life that chemo is so ordinary that I don't even tell anyone?  All these medical appointments have become my routine -- just go, sans hoopla, and get on with it.  So Thursday I started my new regime.  One the menu? Carboplatin.  But because I have reached my lifetime limit for Taxol, a new drug called Doxorubicin.  And as a special bonus, I get to go home with a bionic leech!  Because my body is worn down from 2 previous series of chemo I have a new friend -- Neulasta.  28 hours after chemo this lovely new appliance will give me a 45 minute infusion to boost my white blood count.   [...]

Posted 2019-05-20T00:41:00Z

abominable abdomen

Lots of pain yesterday.  I cut the opioids back asap because I am worried about constipation.  The pain may force my hand, but I'm trying to hold out on lesser meds.  The lower part of my tummy feels just fine; you would never know two lymph nodes were removed, although I do have mild numbness over the tops of my thighs, which is unpleasant and I hope goes away.  My upper right quadrant feels OK, too, but the upper left, not so much.  Apparently, that was where all the parts came out, and that's where Dr. R removed the last pieces of my peritoneal lining.  Its very sore, with a tight pinch by my stomach.  I can feel all the food moving around in my tummy and transverse colon -- no fun.   I think the surgeons gave me a super tight tummy tuck as an added bonus!  I hope I can come to terms with my new body and I hope it's a body I want to continue living in.  Despite the discomfort, I enjoyed visiting; thank you to everyone who stopped by this weekend.  Especially grateful for my parents who flew in from Colorado to help.  [...]

Posted 2019-05-18T01:35:00Z

Goodbye Cottage, hello Home

We are home.  I walked 1.5 miles this afternoon, in slow puttering adventures on our street.  I had a few farts, and am really looking forward to getting my gut going tomorrow.  My abdomen is very sore from the 5 incision holes and all the air they filled me up with to get a good look-see in the back recesses and caverns.  But pain meds are working and I hope for another good sleep.  [...]