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Posted 2016-03-06T12:08:00Z

Day 3 of the cancer maze

Michelle says:

"It's been the hardest and longest 3 days of my life. I couldn't have done it without all of the emails and messages of love and support. I'm reading every email, I just don't have the energy to write back. Oh, and please hold off on the fart jokes, it hurts too much to laugh![...]

Posted 2016-03-04T18:57:00Z

Pain returns

Unfortunately, since leaving the recovery unit where pain management was top priority, Michelle's post-operative pain is returning. Partly this is because they temporarily turned off her epidural to get her blood pressure back up (BP is now up, and the epidural is back on), partly because they are now less liberal with the supplemental pain meds, and partly (perhaps) a normal progression of events. Unfortunately, the doctors haven't been able to explain exactly what is causing the pain -- Michelle is feeling bloated, but they say it isn't gas....[...]

Posted 2016-03-04T14:30:00Z

First walk

With the help of the physiotherapist and the wonderful nurses at the overnight recovery unit, Michelle went for a short walk this morning. She has since moved up to the Jane Ashley ward, where she'll be for the rest of her time in hospital. [...]

Posted 2016-03-03T20:03:00Z

Out of surgery

This is Bruce posting... Michelle went into surgery at 1:15, rather later than expected, and she is just coming out now. I talked briefly with Dr. Tozzi, the senior surgeon on her team (here in the UK he's called a "consultant"), and he says that there were indeed cancerous growths, but he was quite confident that he had removed all the cancer.[...]

Posted 2016-03-02T21:39:00Z

Avalanche of love

Thank you everyone for the dozens and dozens of messages of support on the eve of my surgery.  I can't express how wonderful it is to read all your emails. It was like a huge hug of love from all over the world.  Bruce and I feel buoyed up and ready for tomorrow.  Thank you! [...]

Posted 2016-03-02T14:27:00Z


Thanks for visiting.  Initially it seemed silly to write a "cancer blog," but in just a few days I have been overwhelmed with well wishes and offers of help (what a nice problem to have) and many questions about my cancer.  So I have decided to put all the information in one place so interested folks can check in.  If ever there was a time to ask the universe for love and support this is it.  So thanks for thinking of me on my journey back to health.  If you want to visit/call/skype me at home, see the post on "visiting" and feel free to share with anyone.  [...]