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Posted 2016-09-29T05:46:00Z

back in Santa Barbara

Our first 10 days in Santa Barbara were a whirlwind of chores. We bought two new electric cars and tried to figure out how to work them.  We bought new iPhones and tried to figure out how to work those too.  hen we tried to figure out how to get the iPhones to talk to the cars!!  Everything seems complicated and I feel old.  Email me for our new phone #'s.[...]

Posted 2016-09-16T14:31:00Z

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

I am not sure how it is possible that my year in Oxford was both the best year of my life and the worst. But as we jet out of UK airspace and I think back over all that has happened, that really is the best way to sum it up.  To Oxford and all my wonderful new friends -- I will miss you.  If I can just survive this and die a little old lady I will not be angry about my big scar; losing my hair; having my ovaries, uterus, and lots of other parts removed; entering (medical) menopause 10 years early; the trials of chemo; and missing 6 months of European travel (I know, first world problem).  Even with all those challenges, the love and support showered on me by dozens of new friends and the charms of Oxford made it a wonderful year.  [...]

Posted 2016-09-05T14:39:00Z

6 month "re-birthday" celebration in the Cotswolds.

We are back from 4 days of walking on the Cotswold Way.  Thank you, Andrew at Hikes and Bikes, for arranging our luggage transfer, taxis, and hotels.  It was a lovely walk, full of quintessential British quaintness.  There is something so empowering about waking up in one town and walking all day to arrive in another town.  I love long distance walking!   This trip was a celebration of my survival; 6 months ago I had a 7-hour operation at Churchill Hospital.  Drs.Tozzi, Roux, Angelelli, Nicum, and the gyn-oncology team saved my life. Without their care, and the wonderful team of oncology nurses who gave me chemotherapy, I would likely already be dead.  I am grateful every moment for the time they have given me -- a few more trips around the sun, more days to love my amazing husband and family, more time to give to others in need and another season to explore this amazing planet.  And I am so grateful for everyone at the NHS for saving my life.  Words fail me: what can I say but thank you.  [...]