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Posted 2019-05-20T00:41:00Z

abominable abdomen

Lots of pain yesterday.  I cut the opioids back asap because I am worried about constipation.  The pain may force my hand, but I'm trying to hold out on lesser meds.  The lower part of my tummy feels just fine; you would never know two lymph nodes were removed, although I do have mild numbness over the tops of my thighs, which is unpleasant and I hope goes away.  My upper right quadrant feels OK, too, but the upper left, not so much.  Apparently, that was where all the parts came out, and that's where Dr. R removed the last pieces of my peritoneal lining.  Its very sore, with a tight pinch by my stomach.  I can feel all the food moving around in my tummy and transverse colon -- no fun.   I think the surgeons gave me a super tight tummy tuck as an added bonus!  I hope I can come to terms with my new body and I hope it's a body I want to continue living in.  Despite the discomfort, I enjoyed visiting; thank you to everyone who stopped by this weekend.  Especially grateful for my parents who flew in from Colorado to help.  [...]

Posted 2019-05-18T01:35:00Z

Goodbye Cottage, hello Home

We are home.  I walked 1.5 miles this afternoon, in slow puttering adventures on our street.  I had a few farts, and am really looking forward to getting my gut going tomorrow.  My abdomen is very sore from the 5 incision holes and all the air they filled me up with to get a good look-see in the back recesses and caverns.  But pain meds are working and I hope for another good sleep.  [...]

Posted 2019-05-13T23:07:00Z

Death of Porlock, ACT III

I just finished my pre-op appointment, getting my vitals scrutinized and the details to prepare for surgery.  Most interestingly, I got my latest CA results.  My marker fell another 4 points, to 18!  After 7 weeks of taking high dose cannabis formulated to kill cancer, my marker decreased by almost 50%.  Sometimes the crazy conspiracy corners of the internet are true.  [...]

Posted 2019-05-07T20:59:00Z

Killed by Schedule 1?

Anxious countdown:  12, 11, 10 days until surgery.  Nine days until I have new incisions -- will they be big or small?  Will they break my sternum again?  Will I leave the hospital with all my organs?  Or will my spleen and the tail of my pancreas be staying behind?  Such a twisted knot of emotions, desperately wanting yet equally dreading surgery.  I am trying not to think about the struggle of recovery but instead focus on the goal.   Eight days until cancer free!!   [...]