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Posted 2016-08-28T14:04:00Z

Walking Oxford

Thank you for all the encouraging emails!  I appreciate each and every one of you who helps me along.  Thank you.  

You would be hard pressed to find a town that is more pleasant or interesting to walk than Oxford.  Without a car, we live like medieval peasants, traveling on foot two or three miles from home.  It is a small sphere, but what an amazing little city it is! Here is a bird's eye view of Oxford.  Since I got my Fitbit last October (thanks, Mom and Jim, for the best birthday present ever) I have walked 1,615 miles, mostly here in Ox.  Just for fun...more oxford pictures.  It is not just the scenic countryside that makes walking in the UK great, but most importantly the amazing and generous right of way laws that protect over 140,000 miles of public footpaths in England and Wales.  In Scotland, you don't even need to keep to a path, you can tramp about almost anywhere!!  It is a walkers paradise and I will miss this most of all.  [...]

Posted 2016-08-26T14:17:00Z

Back to blogging after a long break

It's August, and everyone needs a vacation, right?  I have been away from the blog for 6 weeks!   The past two weeks, quite a few people have emailed me asking how I am doing, so I figured I should get back to it and post.  Today I am writing from Maggies Cancer Center.  It's a fabulous homey place right next to Churchill Hospital with the most amazing staff that welcomes us with tea and tissues every time we come in.  They have cozy Scandinavian furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows that let light and the calming views of the surrounding trees flood in.  Later today I have my post chemo CT scan.  We will have the results of this scan, and more blood work, on Sept 5th, my last UK oncology appointment.   I came to Maggie's 5 hours early to have plenty of time for getting a blog post up.  [...]