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Early on the morning of February 8th, 2016 I had an ovarian torsion. Wow was that painful! I thought it was appendicitis. 4 days at John Radcliffe Hospital and lots of [...]

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Perfect bloodwork! YAAAHOOOOOO

You could probably tell from my last two blog posts, I have been a tad nervous, OK a tonne anxious, about my next round of bloodwork.  I was having funny feelings in my bladder and my mind instantly went to worst case scenario.  I was so anxious I moved my blood draw and oncology appointment up.  I have put so much significance on traveling in Europe this summer and I was panicking that Porlock was going to thwart me, again.  Last fall, after 7 months of cancer treatment hell, when I was finally cleared from "chemo quarantine" and free to travel, we flew home.  I had spent the whole year before sabbatical researching and concocting interesting itineraries for the summer of '16.  It was spirit crushing to leave all those European dreams behind.  When we arrived home to SB I felt so vulnerable I wasn't sure I would ever travel again.  I am thrilled to report a perfect health report card from Dr. Sekhon this morning.  Our victorious and ambitious Baltic and Northern European Adventure is a go!  July-August: 8 countries in 9 weeks.  Our Itinerary:

A week in eastern Poland on a photographic safari in the Bialowieza forest and Biebrza marsh.  

A few days visiting Veera and Pekka, friends from Oxford, on their off grid island an hour east of Helsinki. 

A 10 day biking trip across Estonia, Lativa and Lithuania.

Stockholm to visit friends Jody and her husband James, a Bren Post Doc.  And Pernilla, our Oxford neighbor. 

We train across Sweden and visit Mimi and Martin on their tiny island on the west coast.

Then on to Scotland for barge based biking on the Caladonian Canal.  Video

A day on the Hogworts Express train

A week aboard a tall ship  to  bike our was across the Inner Hebrides.  Video 

And finally a 5 day walk across Iceland, (video) finishing up at the other worldly Silica Hotel on the Blue Lagoon. 

I know, I know, it's insane.  But given the situation we are going BIG!!  Old and Broke!  Old and Broke...

And, as if this summer isn't enough, a huge thank you to Laurel and David who want to bike with us NEXT summer, in the Danish Archipelago .  This trip was my first choice for this summer but was already booked up before my March bloodwork.  So I have something on my calendar 14 months from now, which feels fabulous!  I am determined to be here and be healthy.  

Off you go, create some joy, care for each other and seize the day.  love to you all, Michelle