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Posted 2018-02-16T20:46:00Z

Valentines date with Taxel/Carbo

I spent Valentine's Day on my last date with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel, with my doting Mom as chaperone.  Unfortunately the date didn't end well.  I had a VasoVagal reaction: my blood pressure crashed to 60/30, my arms and legs went numb, I couldn't talk, my GI track went ballistic, and I had tunnel vision and spots.  My body said enough! and we had to stop my carbo infusion early.  It was scary and I can't say it loudly or often enough -- nurses are the true heroes.  Thank you, Betsy, Colleen, and Amanda, for taking care of me.  Most patients don't make it through two full 6-infusion cycles of Carbo/Taxol, and I did much better than most.  So I have to be happy I lasted as long as I did and just hope it was enough to get me into remission.  From here on out I have Avastin-only infusions every 3 weeks, which is classified as immunotherapy, not chemotherapy, and should have more manageable side effects.  [...]