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Posted 2012-10-30T19:35:51Z

Another tough day...

Thank you to everyone for you kind words, thoughts, prayers and memories as our family goes through this tough time.  Knowing that there is so much support around us has truly helped us all get through this.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Anne's services on Friday, and for those of you who could not make it, thank you for thinking of us.  

Today, Sally and I took Jimmy to his 15 month check up.  This was unusually hard check up for me, because his original appointment was supposed to be on October 15th at 11:30 am but I had to change it because Anne had her first chemo that day at 10 am and I promised her I wouldn't miss her first treatment for the world.  I knew she would need support.  Another reason it was so hard was knowing that Anne wasn't here to talk about how big her "Jim-bo" has gotten over the past three months.  That was always the most exciting part for her when he went to the doctor!  He is 33 1/2in (2 ft 9.5 in) tall and 28.2lbs! He's in the 95 percentile for both height and weight! He's a biggin'! 

I know Anne is smiling down on us in heaven and she is helping us all get through all of this.  You're prayers and support are amazing! 




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