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Posted 2012-11-05T02:34:00Z

Week #2

It's been two weeks...and we all miss you so much!  Last night, Sally and I were going through your clothes, jewelry and makeup and we decorated your urn :)  It looks so pretty now! Sally went home this morning, and Sam, Doug, my dad, my Grandpa, Aunt Diane and I all moved us out of the condo. It was hard, but at the same time, it was a relief to know that we will be here for Doug whenever he needs us.  

I was unpacking some of the makeup Sally and I divided and I decided to set up the dresser table in our room and move the mirror so that I could have a little vanity of sorts.  It reminds me of you, and I know that is something that you would want :) I miss you a lot.  It's weird not taking care of you anymore.  It seems so quiet here now.  There's something always missing..and it's you.  Jimmy still runs into your room and screams "HIIIIII!!" It's the cutest thing ever.  He stares at places that you used to sit and he just smiles and giggles, are you there?  We all think that he can see you with us, I just wish there was some way you could give us a sign that you're here.  You'll always be here. 

We love you.  We all miss you.  But we are all glad that you are no longer hurting. Rest in Peace. 

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