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Ava Jean Jelly Bean

The purpose of this site is to provide regular updates on Ava's fight against SMA.

Latest journal entry

Go Ava Go!

Ava has done so well this summer! She’s been increasing strength through physical and occupational therapy both at Children’s Specialized Hospital and at home with family. She has shown huge physical Improvements since our last update, she’s able to hold her head on her own for upwards of 5 mins! Rolling from back to belly and back again is a breeze as is turning her head side to side, reaching and kicking. Her core strength is constantly improving and we are beginning to see the possibility of independent sitting in the next few months. 

Ava’s determination was apparent this past week when she was unfortunately once again hospitalized with rhino enterovirus. Her doctors and nurses at Morristown were impressed with the new movements and strong cough which helped her get discharged in just 7 days- Ava’s shortest hospital stay yet. 

The hospitalization was a reminder that summer is winding down and flu season is right here so everyone keep using that Purell! 

I included some pictures here but for a full video of Ava’s new head control or other tricks feel free to text / message one of us. 

More updates to come!

❤️Laura & Dan


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