All proceeds go to Ben Anderson

Fundraising Support

Matt & Katie are about to undergo the unimaginable. They will both be spending as much time as they can to make life as sweet as possible for Ben. Medical and related expenses will likely be significant. We would like to raise enough funds to offset those expenses. The financial strain is yet to be determined. Our goal is to take away the many stresses of life so they can be with Ben and Luke as this disease progresses. Certainly all of our situations are different, so please know that every little bit helps. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Matt and Katie want to be completely transparent in communicating that any money remaining will be donated to an organization (yet to be determined) working to find viable treatments for rare genetic diseases like X-Linked ALD. In addition to financial support, please see the "How to Help" post for other ways to contribute. Please know that all funds go directly to the Anderson Family. The PostHope site is a non-profit, fee-free service for families in need. POSTHOPE DOES NOT COLLECT ANY FEES OR ADMINISTRATION COSTS.