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Ready, Set, Let's go home!

Kira has been in our care for one week. In that time we have collected a folder full of documents, gone to a plethora of appointments and visited all the sites our melting bodies could handle. (Yesterday was a nice, cool, 95 degrees. 104 today.)

We are so grateful that as of today, we have everything we need to travel home!!!! Dave went and picked up Kira’s passport with affixed visa while I attended to nap time, and we are set to go! We are so thankful that each step of the process in Delhi has not been too difficult, and even our exit permits that are usually issued in 3-5 days, and longer for e-copies, were delivered electronically in ONE day! We are ready for HOME!!! (It makes me tear up to say that!)

Kira has changed every day. Even now, while she still likes to be held, she is sitting on the bed playing with stacking cups with Dave nearby while our arms get a break. Our still, quiet girl ran back and forth between Dave and me last night as we asked her, “Where’s Dad?” and she ran to Dave, and he returned with “Where’s Mom?” and she ran to me.  The smiles that I was hesitant to even hope for are coming more readily, especially as she tips her head back waiting for tickly little kisses on her neck.


Kira and Dave have a little game they play where she bats her hand in the air and makes a little hissing sound. Even across waiting rooms and food courts, she would watch for him and then flip her little “aw shucks” hand with her special sound and wait for him to return the gesture, always eliciting smiles. Her game with Mom is less endearing. It’s a game called “I can’t live without my shoes on, but the second you put them on my feet I’m going to flip them off and look at you to pick them up again.” The shoes have gone missing a couple times…

As much as we love chicken biryani, we are eager to be home and start life together stateside. We don’t leave for a couple of days still (we were anticipating that we would still be waiting for exit permits). Pray for our bonding to continue and for our eager hearts to be peaceful as we await our flight.


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