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Posted 2020-01-14T20:33:40Z

Home Again

Since our last update Kira’s sedation was lifted, we spent two days in a regular pediatric care room and we made our way back home on Sunday. Kira goes back and forth between expressing her silly natural self and being very quiet and uncomfortable. At home there is a lot of comforting, repositioning pillows and encouraging her movement. In one moment of great will she got herself off the couch and called for me while standing between the couch and coffee table. She isn’t steady on her feet yet so I steadied her and helped her get comfortable again. [...]

Posted 2020-01-10T02:44:12Z

Recovery Day 1

Kira is currently resting well, with 15 hours and 16 minutes remaining of sedated sleep on her tummy. After a hard night, she seems to have settled into the right balance of medications to keep her comfortable. Last night she went back and forth between sounding like a croaking frog, moaning and delirious tears, and while we were exhausted from beginning our day at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, our hearts were not too tired to desire to comfort our sweet girl. We joked today that our prayers last night sounded like “Hi Lord, You’re there. I’m here. That’s all I got,” or “God, please listen to everybody else praying right now because I need you but I’m too tired to have words.”[...]

Posted 2020-01-07T03:34:00Z

Surgery Week

This is the week we would especially appreciate your prayers on our behalf, especially for Kira. Tomorrow we will meet with the doctors at Mayo Clinic to get the run-down for Kira’s surgery. Early Wednesday, January 8, we will check in to start a long day for Kira’s spinal release surgery.[...]

Posted 2019-12-05T22:37:52Z

Six months home and medical update

Thank you to everyone who has asked for an update on our prayer request for Kira’s medical needs. Finding the time to write an update while tasks stack up and nap time gets shorter has been tricky. Kira has been home for a little more than six months now, and some of my procrastination in writing an update is that she is changing and growing so quickly I don’t know where to stop the clock and write it down. So here is a quick medical update and a snapshot of toddler life as it stands today.[...]

Posted 2019-08-23T03:04:00Z

Update and Prayer Request

Since we last posted, David, Kira and I moved to Willmar and sold our home in North St. Paul. Dave started as the lead pastor at Living Hope church and I started as a full-time mom. We knew that major transitions, like moving, so quickly after an adoptive child joins the family is not advised by professionals, but we also had confidence in what God was calling us to and that he would meet our needs in the process. It has proven to be well-placed confidence. [...]

Posted 2019-06-06T03:28:48Z

Day of Doctors

After citing the joy of “everyday-ness” in our last post, today, our 9th wedding anniversary, was anything but ordinary. We started the day early (early for Kira, who likes to sleep in, God bless her) and headed to the U of M for a post-adoption check-up. They are wonderfully thorough, so three hours later we were encouraged by what each doctor had to say about Kira’s health and development and we headed home. The long day of strangers and the dreaded blood draw left her pretty tired, and after trying to get her to eat some lunch we just put her down for an early nap.[...]

Posted 2019-05-25T12:19:00Z

Home... now what?

What great and surreal joy we have to be in our own home with sweet Kira May. Kira fell asleep in my arms about two minutes before we landed in Minneapolis last night. The travel and interrupted sleep finally caught up with her and even the landing, deplaning and being presented to waiting family at the airport didn’t rouse her - neither did her first ride strapped in a car seat, entering our home or putting on pajamas. A good 13 hours of sleep later, she woke up somewhat confused, but content as soon as she knew Dave and I were both present and accounted for.[...]