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Day of Doctors

After citing the joy of “everyday-ness” in our last post, today, our 9th wedding anniversary, was anything but ordinary. We started the day early (early for Kira, who likes to sleep in, God bless her) and headed to the U of M for a post-adoption check-up. They are wonderfully thorough, so three hours later we were encouraged by what each doctor had to say about Kira’s health and development and we headed home. The long day of strangers and the dreaded blood draw left her pretty tired, and after trying to get her to eat some lunch we just put her down for an early nap.[...]

Home... now what?

What great and surreal joy we have to be in our own home with sweet Kira May. Kira fell asleep in my arms about two minutes before we landed in Minneapolis last night. The travel and interrupted sleep finally caught up with her and even the landing, deplaning and being presented to waiting family at the airport didn’t rouse her - neither did her first ride strapped in a car seat, entering our home or putting on pajamas. A good 13 hours of sleep later, she woke up somewhat confused, but content as soon as she knew Dave and I were both present and accounted for.[...]

My God Will Supply

As we prepared for this trip my head was going in about 100 directions at any time. There were so many things to pack, papers to print and appointments to schedule. And at the top of my mind was the question of if Kira's passport would really be ready as we were told it should be, and there was even question of what day we would take custody of Kira.[...]

Final Travel

We are OVERJOYED to share that we have been given the go-ahead to book our second trip to India, and we leave next weekend!!! We will pick Kira up on Monday, May 13, and I might let Dave take a turn holding her by Wednesday. ;)[...]

Our day in court

It is Wednesday morning in India and we start our travel home late this evening. The last few days have been long, emotional, hot, and wonderful. Each step of the way on this trip we were looking for how God would answer our prayers and he has answered us abundantly.[...]

Flowers and Big Brown Eyes (meeting Kira May)

April 6th the day we held our daughter for the first time. It is true that this was the first time we got to physically hold our daughter but it was not the first time we have held her in our prayers and in our hearts thus the physical meeting was very natural to us. We saw the fingers and toes we have prayed for. We rubbed the back and head I have asked the Lord to help develop. We made eye contact with the deep brown eyes of Kira May.  [...]

Travel Date

This morning we learned that we have been assigned a court date in India! Two weeks from today, on April 8, we will appear before a judge with Kira in our arms! There are not enough emojis and exclamation points in the world to describe how we feel right now. Although some gifs my family shared at hearing the news come close. :)[...]


Yesterday we received a notification from our agency that we received NOC! For reference, when a parent reports receiving NOC on the India adoption Facebook page it is met with many congratulations and celebration. It's a really significant part of the process![...]