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Posted 2023-03-02T20:04:13Z

February 2023 Update


Dearest friends and family,

Happy 2023!

It’s been 6 months, so it’s time for another update from me. My most recent scans were actually on 2/27/23-sorry for the delay. I hate to share old boring news. Yes, this is getting to be a habit of mine I guess? Well, I’ll get to it then: my scans are stable-no changes from August 2022!! So, to remind y’all, my last scan showed no evidence of tumor in my brain. By the way, I use the word “y’all” now since my entire family, except for Hillary, now lives in South Carolina. The most recent image of my brain looks like black holes from the post-radiation damage to my brain tissue from proton therapy I received when I was diagnosed in 2016. My neuro oncologist explained that it’s obvious to a trained eye that the “swiss cheese” appearance of some areas in my brain MRI is evidence of not tumor but over-radiation and “collateral damage” to healthy brain cells. The very interesting thing is that my neuro oncologist found a paper that documented this exact phenomenon appearing about 19 months after proton therapy was given. It probably sounds alarming, but compared to the alternative, I’m thrilled my brain looks like Jarlsberg!

I continue to try to stay motivated and committed to my PT exercises and OT stretching. My daily step goal is 3,500, which I’ve mostly been hitting! I hit 8,000 steps in the Chicago area one day! That day I spent many hours at Old Orchard Shopping Center just killing time while Hillary and Cassio were at work. I couldn’t figure out which theater location was playing “Women Talking”, so I kept walking between the two theaters, hence the 8,000 steps. 

Besides enjoying a break from MRIs, I’ve been traveling a bit. I spent some time in the Chicago area with Hillary and Cassio. While I was there, I was able to visit with some very dear childhood friends. Also, Hillary joined me on my trip to Boston to visit Julia at school, where she is thriving. This mama was kvelling! (if you don’t speak yiddush, that means bursting with pride)

I bet you didn’t expect this to be a multilingual update! Until next time, stay healthy, mask up, and keep smiling, belly laughing, and being kind to yourself and each other.





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Comments (4)

  • Julie Laxer
    Julie Laxer

    Hi Eden! That’s wonderful boring news about your latest scan! So glad you’re continuing to do well and getting around so well. The invitation still stands for a visit to Portland and perhaps a chance encounter with the horse. She’s a gentle soul who’s always curious to meet new people. Maybe this summer? It would be great to see you either way! ❤️

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Dawn Klinghoffer
    Dawn Klinghoffer

    Great news Eden, and glad to hear you are doing well!

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Meredith Nelson
    Meredith Nelson

    Hi Eden- Thanks for sharing! This was great, boring news😉

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Brandan Wilburn-Herbert
    Brandan Wilburn-Herbert

    Oh, so happy that all is well with you and yours, Eden. Stay “boring”, sis!

    11 months ago · Reply