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Eric Sullivan

F*ck Cancer - Eric's Brain Tumor Journey

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2023-02-16T20:22:24Z


We are excited and wanted to let you know that we have just organized the start of a new fundraiser for the Dr. Eric Sullivan Data Science Fund.

We have a new version of a wrist band designed for Eric. All proceeds from band sales will go directly into the Dr. Eric Sullivan Data Science Fund at Carroll College to help his legacy live forward by continuing to positively influence the lives of future students. 

We know that many of you wore the writing off of your first band. I know I sure did. But, it isn’t the outside that matters! Thank you, Bryce, for saying it so eloquently after the first bands began wearing off! In order to help prevent that same issue, this time we chose a band that is “engraved” so that the writing won’t wear off. If the printing wears off, the engraving will still be there! 

Also new for this round, we were able to order three different sizes: small, medium (regular), and large. The small should fit most children, teens, and maybe even some petite adults. The medium should fit most adults and is the same size band as the previous version. The large should fit anyone with a wrist circumference a little bigger than the regular band. 

SMALL: 6 6/8"

MEDIUM: 7 3/8"

LARGE: 8 3/8"

If you want a band or three, please fill out the google form. Just like last time, Jodie will make sure to mail them out to you once payment is confirmed! Shipping is included in the price. Additional donations are also welcome and will go directly into the scholarship fund. If you want to make an additional donation, please note the additional amount on the bottom of the google form so Jodie knows! 

Thank you for helping to ensure that Eric’s legacy and spirit live forward in the next generation of students but perhaps most importantly, for helping keep Eric’s memory alive for all of us!

Please use this form for ordering! Thanks!


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