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Hey there, Tribe. 

Well, I'm not going to make this very long but I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I'm heading into a rather unexpected surgery and even though I am confident it will all be fine it is nonetheless a significant procedure. I have an infection under the titanium plates in my face and they need to be removed. Remember how they put my leg in my face? It's being held in there with nuts and bolts and plates. This was all done to keep the leg bone in place so it would grow into what was left of my jaw and that has happened, so that's good news. Technically the plates do their job but are just left in there unless a problem arises, in which case they are removed.  So that's what's happening tomorrow morning around 7 am. I'm pretty sick to my stomach about this and haven't slept very much but I know I'm in good hands. 

Yesterday I packed up my apartment in NYC (after being back for just a teeny tiny bit) and drove back to Philly for what will likely be about 2 months of recovery. So much for having a year without surgery:/ I shouldn't could be so much worse. SO much worse. I'm grateful for what I have and will just take each day as it comes.

As usual, I can always use your thoughts and prayers and love. That keeps me going.

Love to all, 


P.S. while I was in NY I was invited to sing at Concert for America and talk about healthcare and it was amazing. The whole thing was freaking amazing. We raised money for incredible organizations and sang and talked about important issues and it felt so wonderful to feel like I was contributing to a larger cause. I'm blessed to have been a part of it. And I sang "Let the Sun Shine In" from Hair on a stage with Barry Manilow so I'm allllllllll good. I sang What a Wonderful World, which I've done before, but it continues to be an important message so I am honored to sing it a million times if people are moved in some way. I think it's a song we can all related to. Never were there more true lyrics! Here's the clip:

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