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Kaytie O'Hara

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Posted 2019-03-29T02:23:57Z

Please consider getting tested for “Be the Match”

First of all we want to give a long over due Thank you! To each and every person that sends love and support our way. We are so grateful and thankful and we could not have gotten thru this past 6 months without your support.
Now, we are unfortunately requesting a different kind of support. At this time Kaytie has been diagnosed with Acute amyloid Leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. To our heartbreak and dissapointment, we found out earlier this week that Tim and I, her siblings, are not a match for her transplant. We are reaching out to everyone we know and requesting If you feel so inclined to help in anyway to please go on website and register to get a kit to be tested. It’s a painless and easy mouth swab kit and they even provide a prepaid envelope to return it. If by chance you are a match the donation process is much easier and less invasive than it used to be. There is a great FAQ page on that explains a lot. As always thank you for all the prayers and support❤️ We are always amazed by the kindness and love around us. Keep the light. Xx

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