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The results and the plan

Hi team,

It's been a little over a month since my lung surgery and I'm sorry for not filling you in sooner. Surgery itself went well and I was able to come home after just a few days in the hospital. The recovery has been a long and painful one, which they warned me about. I'm still in a bit of discomfort and can't really lift my left arm but more than anything I'm tired. So, so tired. Again, I was told this would be a significant side effect but man oh man, they were not joking.

As far as the results go, we were told what we expected to hear based on the pre-op appointments. 2 of the 3 nodules removed from my left lung are indeed metastatic osteosarcoma. The good news is that they were contained and have not spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, which were also biopsied. At this point in time, surgery is the solution. No chemo. If it comes back in the lungs then that plan will change, but I am trying to not entertain that and to just do my best to be positive and take care of myself. 

My doctors have been discussing the facial reconstruction (which was supposed to be happening right about now) and the consensus is that if I have a clean scan 3 months out from surgery (which will be early November) then they feel comfortable moving forward with the first stage of the recon. It is approximately a two year process so they will continue to scan me every 12 weeks and hopefully we won't run into any more issues. 

My spirits are pretty good, I think. Up and down. It's a weird experience to go through this cancer thing once, not to mention three times. Last week an acquaintance passed away from ovarian cancer and I just felt kind of punched in the gut by the news. She is the sixth person in my orbit to pass from cancer in the last 2 1/2 years (three of whom were diagnosed AFTER me) so it's difficult for me to wrap my head around making it through a third diagnosis. It's complicated. There must be a reason. I'll let you know when I find out what that is.

Love and thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers, flowers and books, visits and texts, fundraising contributions and, most of all, thanks for all the love. I continue to be astounded by your generosity.





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