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Kevin McCall

This site is to keep friends and family up to date with my progress in beating this disease.

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May 19th, 2018

On May 3rd I went back into the hospital to start round 3 of chemo therapy.  By May 8 I received my last dose. Everything went well and I was doing stuff around the house as I have been.  Per normal, over the next 5 days my platelets, white & red blood cells dropped to zero.  So by May 13th I was in the danger zone where I have no immune system for the next 10 days.  If we walk to coffee for some exercise, I wait out side and let Karen go in and face the masses.

For round #2 I made it thru the whole danger zone without get a bug and fever.  This cycle I was not so lucky.  On the 15th I started getting the chills and I knew I had a fever.  If my temperature gets to 100.4 degrees, I have to head to the hospital because I have something my body can not fight off... it sucks.  I get put thru a battery of tests and blood draws to see if they can figure out exactly what I have so they can treat it.  50% of the time they never figure it out, this time they did so they where able to give me specific antibiotics.  Otherwise they hit you with broad spectrum antibiotics to break your fever.  I have been here for 4 days and if things continue to improve and I should be out of here in 2 more days.  It is not ideal but it is not unexpected.  A large percentage of patients doing what I am end up getting a fever, it is just unavoidable.  Even if you lived in a bubble your natural bacteria can make you sick without an immune system.

The thing I am excited about is I should get out of here soon, my numbers should start coming back up soon and then I can start my last round of chemo in June.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Grant made it home from college last Saturday and is very happy to be home.  He hit it hard his freshman year and came out with a 3.9 gpa.  He got Karen's brains.  Grant is going to take a class a PSU this summer and help me get some things done that I need some help with.  Kelsey is less than a month away from graduating OSU with a management degree, a marketing degree and a minor in Spanish.  No more writing checks to OSU.  She has a paying internship so she is all setup.  It will be interesting for Karen and I to go from empty nest to having  both kids back in the house for the summer.  There could be some testy moments.  

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the warmer temps.

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