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Kevin McCall

This site is to keep friends and family up to date with my progress in beating this disease.

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Posted 2018-12-10T20:00:53Z

December 10th, 2018

Hello everyone.

I wanted to give an update on my progress.  Things are going very well, I am still in remission!  Each day that goes by that I remain in remission increases the odds that I stay in remission.  After two years in remission my odds are great that it will stay that way.  My immune system is back into the normal range.  Like everything, there is a range of normal for all your bodily systems, white blood cells, red blood cell, platelets and 40 others things they can test for.  Right now my systems are on the low end of the normal range for many items.  This bothers me for a few reasons.  I am competitive and don't want to be on the low range of anything.  I assume that being on the high end of normal is probably better, although my doctor has not told me this is the case.  Lastly, I dont know where any of these values were pre-cancer /  treatment, so I will never know if I got back to my normal...frustrating.

I have been keeping a pretty stress free pace since this summer.  Karen and I have started getting into an exercise routine which is starting to show signs of payoff.  We took a trip to New Orleans to visit Grant at Tulane last month.  We decided to stay down south for a couple weeks since we have never been down south.  We drove from New Orleans to Savannah Georgia via Alabama and Mississippi.  Spent a few days in Savannah, drove to Hilton Head South Carolina, and went back to New Orleans via Florida.  It was a great trip, cool places to visit, but it confirms the NW is were we belong.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support of my team in the "Light the Night" event. Together we raised $1,500 to go toward Leukemia research....Thank you very much!  It was a wet night for an event, but it was great for me to see all the survivors.  I will do it again next year.

I hope all of you are doing well and have a happy holiday.

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