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Posted 2018-08-15T14:30:32Z

August 15, 2018

Sorry for the long delay since my last post.  I just went along with my business and forgot that I should posting now and then.  I could bore you with the details of the last chemo, but I will skip to the good news, I am in remission!

I had a bone morrow biopsy about a month ago, but it takes weeks to get the genetic testing results back.  Very nerve-racking waiting for the results.  I just had a meeting with my oncologist and all the results are good / cancer free.  This is awesome news!  I will be monitored closely for a couple years, but my plan is to not let it come back.

My task now is to get my strength back and work on getting back to normal.  The past 10 months have left me beat up but I continue to steadily improve.  Food tastes good again, I am putting on weight and working on muscle.

Thank you everyone for your support thru this whole event.  It is humbling to think about how many helped and cared.  I will make an effort to start visiting people now that my immune system is getting back to normal.

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Comments (15)

  • Brian Wildish
    Brian Wildish

    Great news Brother!!! So happy for you. Keep working out and getting'll be warming up on bench at 225 before you know it :-) Take care...oh...and GO BEAVS!!!!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Kimberly Folgate
    Kimberly Folgate

    So awesome to hear Kevin!!! This is the best news. I am so excited to see your face around the office. Thank you for keeping us updated. :)

    one year ago · Reply
  • ROSE Klein
    ROSE Klein

    Thank you Kevin for sharing this great news! Next tme I an in the area I would love to visit.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Marissa Essex
    Marissa Essex

    So glad to hear this Kevin! Congrats on the great news!!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Linda K Williams
    Linda K Williams

    Whooohoo!!! I am so happy for you and the rest of the McCall clan. I see lots of fun for you all ahead. Are you ready for some guacamole? I have a great source! :)

    one year ago · Reply
  • Janine Caldwell
    Janine Caldwell

    WHOOP, WHOOP!!! What fantastic news Kevin! I believe it's time for beer, chips and salsa, right? Keep up the great work eating healthy, working out and most of all, your positive attitude. I appreciate it, it's contagious :)

    one year ago · Reply
  • Randy Williams
    Randy Williams

    Fantastic - ! Can't wait for you to stop by the office.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Kari Scacco
    Kari Scacco

    Such fantastic news, Kevin!!! Did you hang on to the Gin? It's most definitely time to celebrate!!!! So happy for you and your family!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jay Vahsholtz
    Jay Vahsholtz

    That’s great news! Been missing our Robcon lunches. Let’s get the band back together.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Laura Trout
    Laura Trout

    Such good news!!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Suzi Blackman
    Suzi Blackman

    So glad to hear from you Kevin and that you are doing so well. Keep up the good fight. Hope to hear again from you soon that you are continuing to get better. Sending hugs and kisses from Kansas City!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Marcy Gourde
    Marcy Gourde

    Congrats Kevin, knew you would fight it tooth and nail!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Kristy Rees
    Kristy Rees

    Kevin, SO HAPPY to hear this, CONGRATS on fighting the toughest fight of all. YOU DID IT! So happy for you. Hugs to you and your family.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Frank Klein
    Frank Klein

    Just got back within communication range and catching up. This is great news Kevin and nice to come home to. Stay on task and hope to see you soon.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Parker Verhaeghe
    Parker Verhaeghe

    Awesome! I was getting anxious for an update. Party on.

    one year ago · Reply