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Kristine - Pray, Support & Love

This site is to provide all who love Kristine with updates and ways to provide support to her and her family.

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Direct from Kristine!

Hi everyone - Kristine wanted to put her own words on the site so we were able to take some dictation and bring her directly to you!!  Below is her message:


Hello friends!

Please know that I am aware of all your messages, notes, texts and gestures of love toward me and my

family and they are felt by all of us.  It is not in my character to let these things go seemingly unnoticed,

but I am using all my energy and strength to fight this battle.  There is nothing I enjoy more than calling

to catch up with a friend, sending a note to someone who dropped off a dinner or working out a

strategically orchestrated car pool!!


I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this community.  When I say my prayers or am in moments of

despair, I see your faces and it provides me with strength.  There have been so many “God moments” as

this has unfolded and they remind me that there is a plan and these moments inspire me at just the

right time.  For example, recently I was having a down morning and heard my phone buzz.  I don’t

usually look at my phone, but in that moment, I felt compelled to try and peek at it.  It was a simple text

from my brother that said, “good morning sunshine”.     To know that someone was thinking about me

right then made me push through.  These just-the-right-time moments continue to happen and guide

me in the right direction.


I try to remain positive, trust, believe, and take each day as it is given to me.  Giving up control of

my daily activities from making lunches, doing laundry, and heading off to work, has been tricky for me

but I am getting used to this new normal – for now!


Over the past 4 months I have been led by my trust in God and know there is a bigger plan for me.   I

won’t give up and will stay the course through your support, love and encouragement.


Please continue to put your notes to me in the “Post” section of this site as they get read to me quite often.


Sending my love to you all,




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