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Posted 2019-12-03T13:51:00Z

RIT Memorial Fund

Hello to all of you who love Kristine!

In mid-November RIT hosted a special day of both men and women's hockey games in honor of Kristine and her many accomplishments there.  It was a wonderful day and of course the girls team did get the win!

In combination with that day a fund was set up in her name that we hope will have a lasting tribute to her for years to come.  Here's the sticky part - for this fund to become an endowment we need it to hit the $25,000 mark.  If it doesn't get there no worries, the money still goes toward women's hockey at RIT, it will just be gone when it's gone. 

We have 4 days left on her campaign and would love to see this hit the mark!

Thanks to all who have contributed thus far and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Lisa (on behalf of the Brassie/Pierce family)







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  • Cheryl Rohrer
    Cheryl Rohrer

    Hi Lisa, I’m on my phone and if the link to donate is above (crowdfunding), it’s not working for me. Thx!

    4 months ago · Reply